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O.T. Aniki Update

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Hello. Im longtime friends with Aniki - old schoolmates - she turned me on to this site. She said it was allright for me to give an update.


Aniki has been going thru an awful rough patch and really struggling. Depression sunk its nasty teeth in her and is'nt letting go. Even worse she suffered another concussion last weekend (whacked in back of head with canoe). She is dealing with MORE tests and juggling them around her work becasue she it out of leave.


I told her of the comments on Thinking of Aniki blog and she says she is very sorry but she is not up to getting on-line right now. For those who miss her and are worrried - I am quite worried about her - please send good thoughts her way. Thank you!


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Sending prayers for her to feel better soon.  Just let her know that there are many people on here who have come to care for her and hope we will see her around here when she is up to it again.

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Thank you I will

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Prayers for Aniki! It's good she's taking care of herself!!!

Thanks for giving us an update, and tell her that it's good she's trying to get the help she needs and to take as much time as she needs Smile

(And tell her to be careful!)

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Thank you.

It was no fault of hers - a group of us were out and 2 were putting in their canoe, did not see her - or her them - and hit the back of her head. Sad

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We miss her, but it's way more important for her to get back on her feet. I'm very glad you let us know. Please tell Aniki we're with her and care about her.

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MidwestMrs, as Aniki's long time friend please be there for her (I am sure you are).Please give her a huge hug from all of us. Here on step talk all we can do is offer words of encouragement and send our thoughts and prayers to her. Depression steals our days away from us. My heart hurts for her. We miss her and love her kindness, witty humor, and of course her daily blogs. Please let her know how much she has helped many of us with her blogs. But for now she needs to get through this and I know she will.

Aniki be your beautiful self.

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Thank you I will.


I do not see her so much as I would like - I moved several hours away but get back that way regular. She is still missing her sweet Mr. P so much and the concussions are adding to her depression. She will have to have more testing in months to come to know if she will have long lasting affects. Her husband is feeling so awful becasue he insisted she do the group canoe/kayak trip to get her out of the house. SHe got hit hard enough to knock her out a couple minutes and he right away took her to the E.R. He is so worried because her energy is so low, she is so tired all the time and she's having bad headaches. He said her equalibrium is off too.


Aniki is the best friend to have. She is the best listerner and always makes me feel better and I hate seeing her so down. She really helped me get my head on straight when I was going thru bad times. I wish it was a closer drive. Sad

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it seems the ones who bring the most joy to the world suffer the most...please tell her she’s in my thoughts and prayers, and to try keep that light shining even though it’s tough. She is truly missed and loved!  

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Thank you I will.


She does suffer alot with depression but does her best to push thru. I think that is her big problem - she will force the smile, force the energy, give to everyone and keep nothing left for herself. She really does not see how what she does affects others in a good way. I love her dearly.

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Thank you for the update.  Sending light and prayers to Aniki.  She is such a bright spot on this site and is very missed. 

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Thank you.


SHe has most defenitely been a bright spot in my life.

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I am so sorry to hear this!  What a scary time for her. That wack to the head must of been brutal. Please give her hugs from me and well wishes. 

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Thank you I will.


Yes it is scary and was a hard hit. The guys were swinging around to position their canoe - misjudged becasue they had it over their heads - and smacked her right in the back of the head. Her husband caught her before she fell all the way down - she woulda fallen on her face. No cut tho - the skin didn't break - it was a square hit. Sad

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OMG, poor Aniki!  I miss her blogs and comments here.  I hope she feels better soon!  Thank you for the update!  

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Oh, that poor hussy!

Please send her a big hug for me and tell her to keep fighting that black dog. She has the backing of so many people who care about her on this site and IRL. She's our Amaretto Queen!

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Thank you I will.


Amaretto and coffee for certain!

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Please let Aniki know she is missed. Her humorous blogs, and those recipes! Feel better soon and get back on here. No one tells a better bioho story  than her ;). 

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Thank you I will.


If you could only see bioho. Lordy! I have seen better looking looking road kill...

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I will pray for her recovery.  I enjoy reading her blogs and I hope she feels better soon and can overcome the depression as well. 

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Tell Miss Aniki I miss her drinks, she always makes the best ones!  I’ve always valued her advice and wit!  She truly is a unique talented individual who is vastly cherished!  Tell her not to let the gators get her!  We all drop our baskets from time to time and it’s okay if she takes her time picking it up.

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Oh My!  Poor girl, please send her my best wishes for recovery and to get to feeling better emotionally.  I'm really concerned though honestly about all these concussions?  What is going ON? 

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Thank you I will.


It has been pure bad luck for her. The first - and worst - was becasue of a bad fall. The others were just bad luck. Sad

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Sending good vibes and healing thoughts to Aniki.

She is missed here at Step Talk.

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Thank you so much MidWest!  We have all been so worried and her presense is definately missed.

Please tell her to take care, heal and she knows that she has plenty of ears here to listen.


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Thank you I will.


Her husband is really worried. Tomorrow I am heading over there for the weekend.

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Hope a little sunshine comes your way!