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O/T ... Out of country for 2 weeks!!

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Just wanted to say a quick good-bye for the next 2 weeks ... taking my students overseas (we do a trip every few years) and SO is going with me!! Then he & I are heading to another country for a few days when the other teacher brings the kids back to the States. This means NO BM communication via text or phone calls (I'm sure she'll find some reason to email him while we're away as she always does BUT we won't have a lot of internet access thank goodness!!), no SDs (though I will miss them and they told me they'd miss me when we dropped them off this past weekend), just SO & me (and 15 high schoolers lol!)!! It's going to be GREAT!! And ..... we've been discussing trying to conceive ... I've gone off BC ... so who knows what will happen in the excitement of this trip!!!

Even though I don't post or respond too much on here, I will miss the advice I get indirectly from many of you!! I'll be in touch when I return!!!