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O/T... my mom really pisses me off sometimes

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My Mother Dear, decided to get a facelift.
she of course didn't talk to any of us "girls" (me or my sisters) about it until it was a 'done deal' scheduled and such... and then it was "I NEED you to take me to the surgery center on such and such date by 6:45AM and I'll be there for four to five hours, and then I NEED you to bring me home and I"m going to NEED someone to help me out for a few days, because I'll be recovering, and I won't be able to leave the house for a while, so I'll NEED you to go the store for me ...

SHE decided that she NEEDED a facelift, but WE have to be the ones who wipe her ass and help her into the shower and feed her and whatever while she's "recovering"

WTF is that all about?
I love my mom, because she's my mom, but damn, I really don't LIKE her lately!


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Welcome to the club. My mother would never get a facelift, but I she isn't very likeable.

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Oh, I'm not a mom's girl but she changed your diapers, carried you around, dropped you off and picked you out from everywhere until you were independent...all because you needed it!
If it's just a matter of days and if it's something that she doesn't do too often, then...why not give her a hand?

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Of course I'm going to help her, she's my Mom, it's not like I'd say "forget you" and go about my merry way when she needs help, but (before you put things into perspective for me) I was really angry that she would make these plans without consideration for her kids, who would have to make plans to take time off work, be there, sleep over, etc...
But you're right... she did take care of us kids pretty darn well, so I'm putting away the pissyness.