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O/T... I hate being a SAHM

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I'm on week 3 of 12 of my maternity leave and I'm super bored. My baby sleeps all day and night, so not much entertainment from him. I catch myself having conversations with the dog and sometimes with sleeping baby. All I do is cook, clean, and feed baby.

I do get annoyed that DH doesn't help much with the chores or with baby. I completely understand his thought process on this and we both agreed to it before I went on leave - I would be the one to do all the cooking and cleaning, plus get up with baby at night.

It doesn't make sense for me to go back to work early. My maternity leave is 100% paid for, so we are saving on daycare expense. It will be nice though when I do go back, that way all the responsibilities will once again be shared.

Maybe I need to find a hobby…


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That's a good question. Made sense in my head when I was pregnant, but now not so much.

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I took up crocheting...not that I'm very good at it, but I'm working on a baby blanket now (due in Aug) and it's something easy to pick up/put down. I only plan on going on leave for about 6wks, but mine will be unpaid. DH and I are on opposite schedules so we won't have to pay for daycare either way, which is good bc it'd cost more than I make and I think I'd hate being stuck at home all the time. I like having my own money, even if it's not much.