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Cell phones in kids hands = laziness and just plain sucks!

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My 17yr SS has been warned a few times about his texting habit, but daddy keeps barking a threat with no actual follow through. 2 billing cycles ago the damn kid had 10,208 text messages. Let me tell you something I do not care if you have unlimited text messaging there is no reason for that absurd, ridiculous amount! Are you texting 1 fricken letter/number at a time? Any who, it wasn't just the amount, but it was the fact it occurred during school, from start to finish! One after the other, minute for minute and in some 2-3 in a minute. WHAT THE HELL! Dad was mad & dad did what he does best, threaten, basically 'bark bark bark'. He yelled of course and then he told his BS if you even have a 1/4 of that amount next time I am taking the phone away. Of course the smart ass of a SS I have he says 'no problem' 'but I don't see what the problem is anyway, I will just have mommy put me on her plan' Not the point dipshit!! Is mommy going to pay for cancellation on daddies plan? Does mommy know why this would all be happening anyway? Answer: NO! Of course he always has an answer and his next answer was that he will get his own plan! lolololololol!! Dippy-do doesn't even have a J - O - B and does not attempt or even want a J - O - B. He would rather drain you & anyone he can of their funds. Long story short we got the next bill & it had 6,800! WOW he knocked off a 1/3 of the amount. And guess what no reprecussion no cosequences no reprimending no nada!! Just like I said and thought! All there was, was another bark bark bark (empty threat)! I want to see a bite for crying out loud. Stop being a freaking push over. Turn in the jello spine for a titanium one!!!

How do I get this man whom I love to pieces, to be firm and consistent? What he keeps allowing affects me too. How do I possibly get him motivated to be more consistent with discipline, etc..

- "You need to put your foot down sometime otherwise the floor is going to smack you in the face!"


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I'm a texter and I usually have anywhere between 2,000 - 3,000 a month, perfectson17 has anywhere between 4,500 - 6,500 texts a month so yah the 10,000 may be quite a bit more but most of the teens that age average around 5-6,000 texts a month. I know it seems crazy, but it's pretty normal.

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Not at school though. Especially when you are already failing and struggling and popping off with an attitude! The kid supposedly has ADHD and has had special ed classes for his learning diability since 1st grade. He is a junior in HS and has 4 classes/credits he HAS to make up in order to graduate. And let me tell you something it is just a struggle to get him through a day let alone the rest of the stuff. That is why it is even a bigger issue.

And besides that there is no excuse for that! Not 600+ text msgs while you are school, struggling to make the grade! I mean damn he is only there 6.5hrs out his day. Still stupid/ridiculous!

Now his sis has 1500-3000, 14yrs and gabby as all hell. I would and could see it with her but its still not acceptable! I want to make sure he graduates so he can be on his own and out there in the big world! He is filthy and disgusting and rude. Its already a health hazard being in the same home as him since he never washes his hands. That means when he pisses, takes a crap, picks his nose, pisses in water bottles that are on his dresser and leaves them there for days to weeks and then he is touching everything you touch (door knobs, fridge door, etc...), he never wants his bedding washed and it generally will be there for 4-6 months at a time, so that 2-3 times a year that they get washed! Bottom line he needs to stop the texting of 10,000 msgs cut it at least by 1/2 and DO NOT DO IT AT SCHOOL!

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Awwwww sick me out!!!! That's just nasty. Perfectson17 is way way way too ocd to be nasty thank God!!! But I know he texts at school just like all the rest of the kids do. If he gets caught he can deal with the consequences. BUT he also has good grades, plays sports, and has a job and he does (now) pay 1/2 his blackberry bill sooooooo there's a big difference.

I seriously wouldn't be able to stand living with a kid who didn't wash his hands!! EWWWWWW!!!!

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Ya, it is pretty disgusting and hard to deal with. It is repulsing to even want to touch certain things through our house that you know he put his hands on. And he does not give 2 shits about it. He thinks its funny and a game at that.

For instance right now he has 2.5 bottles of urine filled water bottles in his bathroom and 3 more sitting on the dresser next to his bed. I am hoping one day that he forgets they are there and has an actual bottle of water there and picks up the wrong one in the middle of the night. CHUG CHUG CHUG! mmmm..... piss and ball jam must taste real good and right up your alley! Not to mention the boogers, the dingle berries and all of the crap you touched throughout your day that a million other people have touched and no telling where there hands were!

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Oh man, I think I'm gonna puke. If SS were this nasty and DH didn't do anything about it? I'd kick them both out.

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OMG!!!! Undescribable. Nothing I have ever smelled before in my life and I had cleaned out my very eccentric uncles estate and had to endure a very terrible smell, so I would say the smell of Stinky the SS's room is very comparable. And he wonders Y he has acne. He's 17 and still has to be reminded to brush his teeth and some instances has to be reminded to clean his stinky, filthy dirty ass. Most of the time he does the shower in the bottle. (Axe or some cologne)

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All I have to say is Thank God my SS11 doesn't have texting on his phone. It is irritating enough that he plays the little annoying games on his phone and takes pictures of everything with it (he got a great digital camera from us for Christmas, but seems to prefer the fuzzy, low quality phone pics.

We are against kids having phones at all and we agreed that we would not allow SS11 to get a cell until he is in High School, but BM got him a phone anyway and we can't control that. We now have a rule that he can't play with his phone or open it unless he is actually making or receiving a call.

BM got him the phone because we said he couldn't have one and she wants to seem like the good guy and thwart us. I don't give a #@$t how we seem to her or SS11, but one delicious thing that BM hasn't thought of and makes me cackle with evil glee is that I can get on SS11's phone and check her balance and payment history! I checked and she is four months past due and owes over five hundred dollars to her cell company! I wasn't surprised considering that she refused to pay for her son's daycare until he was finally kicked out (even though we paid our half promptly and never missed a payment). She is in collections for that and about 4,000 for a credit card and God knows what else. Even when she has a great job with awesome pay (not to mention the monthly chunk of child support from us) she doesn't pay her bills and instead spends it on clothes for herself, the bars, fast food and things like a new laptop for herself and violent and inappropriate video games for SS11 (I don't think the violence of Halo is appropriate for young kids). Now she has given SS11 a cell phone, but it looks like it will be shut off for non-payment here pretty soon. Since she doesn't have a job and is at home sitting on her ass, feeling sorry for herself, it doesn't look like the cell phone thing will end up being a problem as SS11 is too young to get a job and pay for it himself!

I don't really care if SS11 winds up getting texting, but we will have texting ettiquette rules that we will enforce strictly. He will not be allowed to text while having a conversation with anyone, at the table, when we have guests, while watching a movie with the family and any time it seems intrusive and rude. You wouldn't take a phone call in these situations and you shouldn't text during them either. It's just plain rude. Also, unless when SS11 is in high school and asks us to provide him with a phone, we are not going to pay for it at all. If a teenager wants a phone and texting in our family, he will have to get a job and pay for it himself.

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Sooooo you probably think we're awful that while we're all watching movies together we text each other? LOL.... it's fun when perfectson and his friends are over and we're all sitting around texting each other during the movies... Yes, I text the person sitting next to me! hahah!

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DH and I were doing the ashton/demi thing and writing stuff on our hands(and other body parts) taking a picture of it then forwarding it via text to each other last night. he was in the family room and I was in the sitting room part of our bedroom in front of the fireplace just a'texting away! lol it was so fun

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No I do not. I just think that 10,000+ text messages is ridiculous. Especially when most are occuring during school hours. And especially when you have alredy failed classes that you need to make up and are failing classes now! And especially when you are little lazy ass that wants all of this crap and will not get off your ass to get a job! Jobs are not floating around in the sky waiting to fall in your lap! Just like there is no money tree in the yard! And parents do not shit out 20's left and right! You need to learn how to earn!

Sure playing around here and there is fun but let's wake up to reality.

So what is you beef here? I mean why are you on this website?

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Woah now... back up a second. Is this directed at me? What is MY beef here and why am "I" on this website?

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No I mean what is your situation that brought you here? Just curious.

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My situation is I'm dealing with a BM that went off her rocker about 2 1/2-3 years ago and started PAS'ing the crap out of my SDs. I have awesome skids and when they decided maybe they wanted to live with DH and me instead of BM she went wacko. It got to the point I was misdirecting my anger at BM onto SDs and thank goodness when I found ST some wonderful ladies helped me redirect my anger where it belonged.

This place was a Godsend for so many of us!!

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Sorry to hear that. We got a psycho 1 too. Except she is more drunk and loaded on pills (and 5mo.prego) lately that it has subdoed her from being psychotic. But she does wonders on story telling and lying and stringing them on! Sucks for all involved! I know the feeling of being so pissed and frustrated with BM that you end up taking part of that out on the SKIDS. But they also give a dose of their BS to us because of her. So sometimes it seems as though it is a give give situation.

This place for me has done wonders. I started reading alot of the blogs/forums before i joined. Once I joined and told part of my story I received GREAT advice in which I have used to the fullest degree and I am confident it is the best advice I will ever receive and will end up working for us! Just had a BIG BIG talk with BF/DH the other night and he agrees he/we need start on a different path of 'true/real' parenting, well him anyway, but I am his support.

Being a stepmonster is the worst job ever and is the worst paying job at that!

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I saw an episode about this on Dr. Phil it turns out that this high of text for teenagers is not that uncommon. Not to say that it is right, that is up to you and H.

Angel72's picture sd has been asking for a cell phone with 'unlimited texting' now for well over ayear. Thank GOD bothher parents have told her the big fat NOOOOOOO!!!
And i felt great the last time i saw her cause i opened up and didn't hold back one thing. GET THIS!!! this girl honestly believes, and i'm sure she is getting this from her friends cause if her mother heard her say this, she would be flippin!!! she believes that parents should give a chidl anything they want until the age of 18. I told her where were you born? I told her your parents dont have to give you dick squat!!! Only a roof over your head, food and basic clothes, elementary high school...beyond that....GET A JOB. you want a cell phone. GET A JOB. You want to text during school time? You got to school to learn,not to fuck around on texting...hence GET A JOB. I told her straight out, consider yourself lucky you have roof over your head and food in your belly. She then goes onto tell me, i've never heard of parents throwing their kids otu before 18....i said i have Smile And believe me, i'm not afraid to boot anyone ass out of my house.
She sat quietly but realized her shit ain't flying anywhere. But of course the teen attitude prevails and she goes back ot her backwards thinking in 5 min.....whatever. I'm glad she doesnt' live here with this attitude. I'm completely disgusted the way parents just give inot their kids so they dont have to deal with the drama.
School is for learning. you play at recess time. I think all schools should ban cell phone and texting from their grounds. If kids need to call the parents, go to the principals office!

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Cell phones at school are banned here in Las Vegas. However the schools are too damn lazy and do not do a damn thing about it!

My 2 SKIDS, more so the 14yr girl, thinks that she should have every little thing her heart desires. And that is b'cuz her sorry ass BM who knows nothing about being a parent, but can school you on being an being an alcohilic-pill popping-stinky-no etiquette having-lying-cheating-no cleaning-no cooking-drink till I'm dead-whore. That skank just hatched those kids and dad tried his best to raise them while working 14hr days, while she was passed out on the couch drunk as a skunk. She has threatened us if we take the phones away or remove the texting from the kids cell phones, that she would take us to court. WHAT? What is she smoking? She needs to pass that doobie on to the next DS! All that woman did is hatch those kids

It works out though in a way if they have a cell phone. Because they hold that damn thing true to their hearts. So when they give you shit and act like little assholes, that is your leverage. You take it away. Say bye-bye to the phone for a month! You can limit the times the use it and you do not have to have texting on their phone, block #'s, etc... Make it for emergency use only!

Society and lazy parents ruin kids! Which in turns ruins it or makes it harder for any stepmonsters!

Good luck with you and yours!!

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My teenage BS used to tell me that while in high school, they would literally "text" back and forth in each bathroom stall! lmao

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LOL.... oh yah... my DH was the biggest text hater in the world. He though perfectson and I were soooooo stupid for texting each other across the house and guess who does it the most now??? Yep, DH texts across the house more than we do!

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My bs18 has literally made me piss my pants a few times by "texting" me some funny, random message while eating out about something going on, then "slides" the cell towards me...leaving me sitting there laughing out loud, alone....

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I did the math......lets see there are approximately 30 days in a month. Usually sleep 8 hours a day and at work or school for say 6-8 hours.........any way it works out to 28 texts per hour on average. THats crazy. Not sure about it but how are the grades ?

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They suck!! And whats even worse is he as IEP classes. He has a learning diability / ADHD. I just hink he is really for the most part. He is a Jr. in HS and has 4 classes/credit that he MUST make up in order to graduate. We are awaiting the 1st semester report card, any day now! And by the sounds of it there is at least another freaking F on it, in WEIGHT TRAINING of all classes. I swear kids lack real intelligence and DEFINITELY any common sense. When that report card comes, as dad and I talking about last night, and it has a big fat F on it, guess what buddy daddy is taking away the truck, cell phone, any extra curricular activities outside of the house and no computer. Sit in your room and ponder that one smart guy! The kid wants all of this expense ass sh*! and expects Bio parents to support it and absolutely will not get off of his ass to put any real effort in getting a J O B!!

Mind you most of his texting occurs during the 6 hrs at school. The rest of the day it has dissipated quite a bit!

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All the kids are on Straight Talk phones with $45.00pm unlimited usage packages BUT if they goof off at school, don't do their chores or are misbehaved,the next month they get the $30.00pm for 1000 minutes of talk and 1000 texts and then have to earn back the right to unlimited usage. This rule applies to all the "yours", "mine" and "ours". And one more thing--they all eventually grow up and leave home---the trick is to live thar long!