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Let them learn already!

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Just found out this morning that Loghead paid $170 for Lazy Boye's school letterman's jacket, even though Loca Grande promised she would. The skids go to a small town school where it is still "cool" for the athletes to own these jackets and wear them with pride. He was all excited when she promised to pay for it, and put down the deposit earlier this spring. He's been wearing the thing like crazy since he brought it home 3 weeks ago.

Anyway, her husband called about something this morning and the question about the money came up. I asked Loghead about it later, and he said he paid for it, because Lazy Boye felt really left out that all the kids were wearing theirs and he didn't have his yet because she couldn't pay for it. So Loghead paid for it, and told him to tell her that he had paid from it from his savings so that when she paid him, he could give the money back to Loghead. Well, she found out Loghead paid, and she is now refusing to pay.

Loghead told Gullible, her husband, that we don't have that kind of money lying around. We are SLOWLy getting back on our feet after him being out of a job for 9 months. She doesn't pay ANYTHING for these kids. if she knew she promised it, why didn't she plan for it? And why did Loghead have to step up? If it bothered Lazy Boye that much, he should ahve put pressure on his mother to pay up. Now I'm the one that suffers, because Loghead doesn't have money to pick up my Christmas present...

So, once again, the crazy %$^&* has ruined my holiday. Thanks!


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This kind of financial infidelity is the reason my DH divorced BM3. There was never any $$$ for him or anything he wanted. He worked a full time job and a part time job, and when he got off work after working for 16 hours, she was asleep and he would sometimes get fast food since he was starved and she didn't cook. She would rip him a new one about this but would then turn around and spend money like a drunken sailor and she always justified her spending. He finally said enough is enough and left her. He still doesn't believe anything she says when it comes to money. They get along pretty well, but as far as finances go he will NEVER trust her.

I hope Loghead realizes that the long term affects of financial infidelity are sometimes permanent and very unpleasant. It hardly seems worth it.

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Oh, BM does this because she's an entitled skanky bitch! Any way to screw DH is her pleasure.

You know, the kid got his jacket and DH loves you. I'd just be happy that you have a good relationship and a warm home. If I never get anything, I'm just happy that I have a stable, happy relationship. I'm also happy that I don't have to be a kiniving cunt that nobody will ever love.