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And the evil side to my Mother's Day

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}:) When Loca Grande got pissed at me back in January, she said not to write her again or send things anymore, that the skids were old enough to do that on their own now. So I left it to them. I told them weeks ago if they wanted to send a card, or a gift, they would need to take care of it.

Found out today none of them sent a card. Loca Grande was mad at Princess about something (big surprise) and wouldn't answer her phone, and didn't have her voice mail set up.

Lazy boye was with a friend all day, but called me this morning, and left me a really sweet message, saying he loved me and thanked me for being a great mom.

PITA was pleasant and telling jokes at lunch and even invited Gibby out to play basketball.

When we picked up Lazy Boye, he said he hadn't called her since his phone was dead, and he didn't have her number memorized. I said "You called me?" and he said he knew my number by heart!

So Loghead gives lazy boye his phone to use and he calls her and says "happy Mother's day, my phone was dead. I'm in the car, so I'll call you when I get home."

And that was it; he never did call her back. I heard him tell Princess he sent her a text that said "Happy Mom's Day."

And Princess never put anything on FB about Mother's Day and didn't change her profile either.

So for once Loca Grande got the Mother's Day she EARNED...

And I got the one I deserved...


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Last-Wife LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! }:) }:)

"So for once Loca Grande got the Mother's Day she EARNED" - Yep, couldn't agree with you more.

Sucks to be her, doesn't it?