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It's all your fault we're homeless

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BM to SO. Her dad was served with the RO and he kicked her and the kids out. Of course it isn't her fault that she didn't stop her father abusing the kids it's not her fault she told her dad to do it because she didn't want to punish them. What she also said was to ss she told him it was his fault for telling us that grandpa was still beating him that they were homeless and he'd never see his grandparents again. The wonderful child he is told her "No it's not my fault it's grandpas" When SO got them today ss told me this and told me "thank you lalena75 for helping me make grandpa stop I knew you and dad would help me." then he gave me a huge hug. I told him always remember if someone is hurting you really bad we will always try and help.
BM moved in with her brother which will not go well he and his gf have both on different occasions had their own kids removed by the state, I honestly hope BM gets a place with her bf he actually cares about the kids. However they now live in our school district so depending how long this lasts they may end up switching schools (though their current principal and staff have been very supportive and worked with SO in all the bull with BM)
BM hysterically made all sorts of comments about "my layer said your not allowed to question the kids and it's surprising you would do this with everything that's going on she can't believe you would do this" parenting plan states parents will not UNNECESSARILY question the children about the other parents home the kids came and told us about grandpa beating them and what she and her parents had to say about it and SO has every right to question them about their safety, and she doesn't have a lawyer what lawyer is open on Sunday anyway, plus
everything going on" is her false accusation of abuse CPS even said they were almost certain was bullshit and would be ending their investigation if and after the police talk to SO (who told cps he would let him know when he and our lawyer were available IF the police want to talk to him.)
Also sd said BM was crying and screaming at her parents about how she didn't want to leave and she was just going to leave the kids at "uncles" but her dad told her "I don't like you or your little brats get out." her oldest refused to leave and told BM she wasn't leaving so she left her at her parents (they've raised her)


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He is he's already filed contempt now he's going for sole legal at the least he just lost another job today but has a possible new one starting in a week and we're so in over our heads in debt it will be all pro se but BM has dug a hole she knew about the abuse SO warned her he would do this if her father hit them again not only did she not protect her kids she told them not to tell, told her dad to continiue punishing the kids because she didn't want to along with the school reporting her screaming in the parking lot that they'd go with out food if they didn't stop getting her in trouble! His also getting the kids in family counciling