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I can just feel the drama starting

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Just before Christmas all the bs started with BM having her oldest make false abuse allegations against SO (that supposedly happened 4 years ago) investigator today told SO he's sure this isn't going anywhere. Now when this happened ss had also just told me of some abuse by his grandpa I told the investigator right then and there. SO also told BM that her dad was not to lay a hand on the kids especially with a belt she told him to mind his own business.
At an interview with the investigator I again told them what ss had said they said they'd look into it. BM was told if her dad touched the kids again he would take legal she cursed him out then accused me of back-handing ss (I don't touch these kids because of this) ss admitted his GBM told him I did that after he complained about me taking his toys and putting him in time out because he wanted me in trouble so I wouldn't put im in time out anymore or tell his dad when he's bad. We were very clear about lying and keeping secrets. Yesterday ss came to me and asked if he was going back to BM's today and when I said of course he got upset started crying he wanted to go to his uncles. I asked him why but he wouldn't tell me when his sister piped in and told me "Grandpa said he;s not supposed to tell" I reminded them that secrets are bad and he told me grandpa hit him last week with the belt 6 times because he was talking in bed to his sister and that when ss told him he wasn't supposed to anymore because dad said gpa said he doesn't care, so he told BM and BM sid she doesn't want to punish them so it's okay.
SO went and go an RO against their grandpa for them (BM lives with her parents with the kids) the judge made it effective immediately and told SO to let BM know. SO text her and told her a RO was awarded and her dad cannot be within 200 feet of the kids due to his beating them with the belt her response. I'll talk to my lawyer about your so called OP. WTF lady your kids are being abused! SO also called the cps caseworker and let them know as well.
I bet money she goes to try and get an RO on me next and starts false allegations on me she's threatened to hence why my adult child and teenager SO or my parents are always around when his kids are. Then I'll slap her with a harassment/libel/slander suit. I fully expect it heck his kids have said they've been told to say I hurt them, but it won't stand up, and it won't stand up to that little boy who climbed into my arms crying last night and asked me to help make his grandpa stop


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Oh man, poor poor kids. What a tool of a so-called parent to tell the other parent they are going to talk to their lawyer so their dad can continue to beat the person's kids?!? I sure as HELL hope that was a text or email conversation you can submit to the courts when appropriate!

My skids were also told at a certain age that they were NOT to tell US stuff about what goes on at their house. BM had found out they told us something. I don't remember what it was anymore. It was plain as day, too. The skids went from excitedly telling us about what was going on in their lives to being closed mouthed and answering most questions with: "I don't know." It's sickening. I don't think that BM was beating on my skids though - or allowing others to. Although she did threaten to beat the hell out of my SD when she found out she was having sex at age 15.

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Eesh...Forgive me for being a skeptic, but are there any marks on ss? If this kid has lied about you abusing him, who is to say he is lying about his grandfather?

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Yes there were bruises SO saw them, and his sister has confirmed it and this is on a very small 6/7 year old for talking to his sister! 6 times on a regular basis, the kid is also showing serious signs of abuse in how he responds to things and his behavior. I was hit with a belt upwards of 5-10 times as a kid there is no reason to use a belt ever at least using your hand it's going to hurt you too. I believe in spanking but what their grandpa is doing is not punishment it's abuse oh and add in he takes pictures of them being hit and crying and according to the kids "sends them on facebook."