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Small rant on BowelMovements

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Why do these bitches continue to try to manipulate and control their ex's lives? We have this issue all the damn time, and then because I no longer allow her to have a say in "what goes or doesn't" in MY home, she starts bullshitting at my DH saying "why are you letting others fill your mind with crap" (me) LOL, bitch, it's crap that I don't allow my husband to continue kissing your ass? OK.

Because of COVID-19, we all decided from the beggining, SD will not step foot in my home until this is all over. Period. BM agreed, plus I decided we would pay her a bit extra a week for any necessities SD will need while not in school. But of course what is BM doing? She continues to text DH EVERY weekend "will you be picking SD up today or not?" Ummmm nooooo, duuhh. Did we not agree to this already? The intention is to obviously guilt trip DH because she always looks for reasons to accuse him of being a shitty dad. 

I wonder if she is this annoying with her other 3 baby daddies. LMAO.


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The reason they continue to manipulate and control is:

1. DH is used to the manipulation and control and uses the path of least resistance to avoid it.

2. DH does nothing to set boundaries because they live in fear of the backlash, never seeing their kids again and having to pay tons of money they don't have.

3. DH does try to set healthy boundaries and gets his a$$ handed to him in a court of law.

4. DH was only thinking with his penis when he met his BM, recognized all the crazy but didn't care because free nookie.

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Sounds like the BM over here as well. BM over here had the nerve to insist that DH take the skids and I told DH absolutely not or I will be leaving unless this Covid-19 crap is done with. BM is a LVN and works at a retirement home. DH doesn't want to take care of the skids because I told him I was leaving which means he would have to cook and clean up after them. I am so tired of the endless drama that these BM's create.