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Disclaimer: Not really looking for advise, just a vent, but feedback is always appriciated Smile

*Sigh* I am about a month or so away from having back surgery, for a herniated L5-S1 Disk, that is compressing my sciatic nerve, and causing nerve damamge in my left leg.

SD6 gets back from visiting her mom, and BAM we have 6 inches of snow and school is cancelled yesterday and today. Also FDH has to work all week. I can't work at the moment due to my injury. I am in so much pain I could scream, I had to watch SD6 for 12 hours yesterday. Today I have to go have a steroid epidural. I love SD, she has been out of town and I missed her, so I didn't rest as much as I should have yesterday. I am now paying for it physically, I swear I woke up everytime I moved an inch last night. I hate this!! Then the stupid snow comes along, and now I have to watch SD for 9 hours insted of 3. I hate schools, why can't they keep the kid in shcool. I was looking at SD's school calendar, and late Feb. around the time I am planning my surgery, she has the 18th off and then also the 21. GRRRRRR!! I don't really even know what I am going to do after surgery, or how I am going to feel. FDH is taking off one week of work to stay home with me. After that my surgon said I should be on my feet, but not straining, or "overdoing it".

I don't see how this is possible. I am just hoping that I heal quickly from the procedure, and can get back to normal soon. Sad


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Oh yeah, and Friday and monday off of school, this week as well. IF she goes back tomorrow, she will only go to school two days this week. :O

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holy smokes you must be in the south! Where I am (Northeast) 6 inches of snow MIGHT be a 2 hour delay IF we're lucky.. certainly not TWO snow days lol!

I work for a school district and can say I enjoy snow days, only because it means I get a bonus day off, but it's bittersweet because usually BM is calling wanting DH to babysit so she can go work her part time dumbass job and not have to (god forbid) pay someone to watch SS11.5.

At any rate, good luck with your surgery, does not sound like fun times! Sad

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I am in the midwest actually. Kansas city to be specific. The metro area got 5-8 inches. What made it so bad, was it literally snowed for two days. Everytime the roads were treated, it just continued right on snowing and made them all slick again. It finally stopped snowing! Smile Just today, and we are starting to thaw a little bit. I just think my head is going to explode if they call of school tomorrow. This is getting ridiculous, the roads are fine today, they called off school at 4:00PM yesterday, I think if they had waited until this morning, they could have had school. They are just WAY WAY too quick to call of school here.

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Yeah, no way a snow day was needed today. I have to take the kids to daycare anyway, so it doesn't save ME any time. Keep school open and give the parents somewhere to send the kids!

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Yeah I know about the school days they called school off here yesterday and today and they were way too quick to do so. But yep I've been home with 2 teens for several days now. Sad

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And she is out tomorrow too. I was out driving today, and the roads were fucking fine. She is only MAYBE going to school one day with week FML. :O