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I made the mistake of getting on to tri-care's website and trying to research EOB's for SS16 again. There hasn't been anything for almost 2 years. I had a feeling that BM was no longer on welfare insurance and was back to using DH's for SS16 since she got married.

Tell my why I just found out that SS went to the HOSPITAL 4 times in October and had some kind of radiology. DH had no idea. I just forwarded the EOB's to our attorney with "Fix this shit. She has to be held accountable for not telling HIS FATHER that he went to the HOSPITAL 4 times last month. All while taking advantage of DH's insurance."

God, I can't wait for court now!!! PLEASE LET HER GET THROWN IN JAIL!!!! 

Now I am all spun up and pissed. 


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We have the same BM - my blood pressure just went up reading that, for you. I hate this kinda crap more than anything. And my SK is the same age as yours. You would think they are old enough and able to talk to their other parent about this stuff too. Some of the responsibility for not knowing falls on the kid too I think. obviously BM should have told your DH but now you two people witholiding info. Drives me mad. I'm sorry. I hope they haul her a$$ out of court in handcuffs and all. 

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She has BURNED it into SS's brain that his father has no right to know anything medical about him. As much as I blame him, and believe me I will bring it up when he is here at Christmas, he is just her puppet. 

I can't even imagine. My daughter is sick right now- strep and flu (yes we got the flu shot...) the first thing I did before we left the dr's office was text her dad, SM and DH to tell them all she was sick. THAT IS WHAT YOU DO! We are all her parents.

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Yep. It shows respect for the SM's place in your ex's home. See, all BMs aren't manipulative c-words who try to break up their ex's marriage and cause misery in their home. Most of the ones bitched about on here, though....I think this board deals a lot with not only step-issues, but step-issues where one or more of the bioparents either has a personality disorder or some other type of mental health problem. Or is just an intolerable jerk. 

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It's one extreme or the other with so many BMs. Either every sniffle is an ER visit with a DEFCON 1 alert to anyone and everyone, or complete radio silence even when something is presumably a true reason for concern. Why can't people just be normal?

Geez. I'm not my "husband's" biggest fan right now, but I sure as hell shoot him a brief text with the basics of what he needs to know about DD's health. It's not that hard!

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I really really really hope that the judge lays into your BM and then has her carted off to jail.  I highly doubt it will happen, but a girl can hope.

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Good catch, girl!!

So many of our SOs would be SOL without our help with stuff like this. I hope Santa b!tchslaps your BM as an early Xmas present.