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Update #4

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Our lawyer reached out today and told DH to follow up with the police department. Apparently BM told the police that the forged health department document was sent to her fax machine at her work where she "volunteers". 

They are issuing a warrant for her work and the health department fax records. The health department has stated they didn't send it but this makes it official.

They plan on prosecuting her as soon as all the evidence is in, they aren't letting it go.

There is still no word on if SS will be on the flight Sunday. 


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Bwahahahaha I hope she gets what's coming to her! Your BM seems like a particular peace of work. I guess if she goes to jail SS won't have a choice but to get in the plane! 

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This is one of those moments where you wish you could be a fly on the wall watching BM freak out and sh@t herself. 

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OMG, she really is stupid, isn't she. They can find out whether or not it was faxed. She should have just said nothing. Did she just use the first document and change the dates?

Well, hopefully she gets some kind of consequence.

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Oooo I'm sure the place BM "volunteers" is going to love having a warrant served to obtain proof of a forged government document. LOL 

Sounds like BM luck may have run dry... still might not get thr smack down she needs in family court, but she certainly might get a falsifing a government document charge. 

She won't be able to get a, volunteer very easily after that! HA. 

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Your situation went from obnoxious to HOLY COW!!!! in like 12 seconds.

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Man wouldn't it be something if this is what takes the beast down?

Out of all of the nightmares she's unleashed on you guys, all of the lies and schemes and deliberate destruction, this is where she's hung herself. 

May the sun melt the wax from her wings.

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You and your husband deserve some happiness after all she has put you and SS through.  It would be poetic justice for her to go to jail for this stunt since family court has been a miserable failure for you!

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Her story hurts my brain. The HD isn't going to fax results like that to a random fax machine, or a work fax. Second, if SS is quarantined, then the whole house is quarantined. They'd immediately ask WTF BM was "volunteering" if she was exposed to an infected person.

I am really hoping this is Karma...

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Actually - fax machines are still the most secure way to send confidential information.  Except for the occasional wrong number, they can't be hacked or misdirected in anyway, unlike email.

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Oh! Well, they are ancient technology, it is a surprise they have stayed so relevant.

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Remember the good ole days with the thermographic paper?  Yep, I'm showing my age.....

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Thank GOD someone has the guts to do something.