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Forgery case with the DA

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I can't handle the suspense!!

Backstory for anyone who missed it: BM forged health department documents in an attempt to keep SS from DH over Christmas break and got busted- By MEEEE! LOL. I called the health department for clarification because the dates didn't match up and they had already sent us something that would have him off quarantine weeks prior to his flight. That is when it all got stirred up. 

DH has like 0 follow through sometimes and I couldn't stand it any longer. SS saying that we tried to get BM arrested "but it's fine because she made it go away" just was eating at my soul!!! The last thing that kid needs to learn is that mommy can break the law and make things go away. I am pretty sure that is the definition of an "Afluenza teen" in the making. 

I called the detective in charge of the case and he said that he had sent everything over to the DA but that it was, in their determination, a forgery and that the health department is still denying that they had anything to do with the document that we were given by her and her attorney. So then because I am nosey as hell, I called the DA's office to see if they were going to move forward with charges- apparently it is being reviewed today and we can follow back up on Thursday if we haven't been contacted yet. 



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This would be epic! It's a rare occasion that these crooked BMs get "caught." Keep us posted!

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I hope they do move forward with it, but I have watched Meth Mouth skate way too many times on way worse charges, so I'm jaded. But I will keep my fingers crossed you guys get a win out of this.

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Really the only reason I think it has a shot is the county is so small this is like big city action! 

I mean the ENTIRE county doesn't have a stop light anywhere. All 5 towns in the county feed into one K-12 school with just over 200 students. Total. 

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Yes, these toxic bio mothers that use their progency to manipulate need to be held accountable somehow.

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Praying the DA follows through. It's pretty much a slam dunk and a feather in your cap the next time you need to go to court.