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OT- Update to DD's migraines

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I finally got through to her neurologist yesterday. My poor girl...

She is now going to be on a daily medication, she also has a new rescue medication along with 500 mg of Aleve, Zofran, and either caffeine or Benadryl depending on the time of day. She is also doing a round of steroids to try and "reset" her. I did talk the doctor into doing an MRI just to be safe. Since I talked to a couple of people about the headaches I have heard 2 stories of kids getting them and brain tumors being found with no other symptoms- one being my sister's step grandson (I totally forgot about that even happening a few years back!). So now I am just so worried about her.

The IV meds yesterday only worked for a few hours, whereas the other 2 times they killed the headache for a least 24 hrs. 

Want to know the kicker though?? I am second guessing my every move. All of the Munchhausen Syndrome By Proxy crap that BM has done with SS just makes me scared to even go to the doctor. Like somehow advocating for DD might be the wrong move or something. I don't know, obviously when my kid is calling me from the nurse crying and begging to go to the ER because she hurts so badly, I am going to do it. No kid is going to beg for an IV unless it is really bad. She HATES needles. 

I just hate that somehow BM has taken up head space in my taking care of my daughter....


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Taking care of your child's medical needs when there is a problem is one thing, creating a medical problem to full fill your needs is another.

Don't even give the BM your valuable headspace!

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Glad she got help!  It is amazing how debilitating migraines are.  What daily med did he put her on?  I am always on the look-out just in case my beloved Topamax should stop working!

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I can't remember the name, I will get back on here when I get home and let you know. The doctor actually said this one has less side effects than Topamax but we could try either. I went with less potential side effects for her.

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I guess he did go with Topamax after all! Lol I am so overwhelmed with all these meds!

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You will have to let me know how it works for her.  The only side-effect I had was that soda tasted funny (weird!) and that I dropped about 10 pounds without even trying.  Uhm....yea!  Put me at my ideal weight out of nowhere?  And my migraines were gone?   Yes please!!!

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So sorry to read about your daughters Migraines. They are so debilitating. Thats awful--- Sad Sad

Zofran can zonk ya out but the up side is it does help when she feels sick in her stomach.

Justmaking---All of here us in our home have certain triggers about BM and her kids. Our Kids have nightmares,  my dh and I still look over our shoulders. We went thru a lot of trauma. I dont think it ever goes away.  You do your best to manage it until it rears its head again.

I cant tell you not to think about her---because with on going litigation it is darn hard not to. Ours is still in court and they are adults.

Hang in there.


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When I was younger I had horrible migraines, to the point that I couldn't see. I can't remember the number of times I ended up in the emergency room. The last migraine I had, I ended up in a emergency room in a small town out of state, we were on vacation when it hit. There was a old doctor on duty, he asked if I had ever taken a very hard fall and landed on my rear-end, bruising my tailbone. I thought this guy was nuts, but told him that I had been bucked off a lot of horses when I was a teenager. Then he asked me how old I was when the migraines started, because a compressed vertebrae at the base of the skull can pinch nerves and trigger a migraine. The migraines started after a couple of times being bucked off a horse, so what he said made sense.

This doctor gave me muscle relaxers, he personally called the local chiropractor to let them know I was on my way to their office. The chiropractor worked on my back, then moved my neck, pulling gently, until there was a loud popping sound. It was instant the migraine disappeared and I haven't had one since.

It's just a suggest, but have you tried taking your daughter to a chiropractor?

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WOW! No, I haven't but I may give that a try. I love my chiropractor. Ever since I had kids my hips will get achy every so often. He does the adjustment and I feel great!!