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OT- Funny thoughts about OSS one day

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So, DH and I were talking the other day and somehow something came up about what we would do if SS19 (autistic, bi-polar, adhd, etc) brought home a girl (or guy). We both laughed- he is so socially awkward. I threw out that I wish we could find an Amy to his Sheldon for him and that there should be a dating site for the socially awkward! 

Anyway- is there?? A dating site for people that don't really actually like people but want to date and just  have a person that gets them? I haven't looked but figured you guys are the always in the know! 

Maybe we will sign him up if there is something... even if he just makes some friends with some other young adults that don't like: People, loud places, lots of light, too much conversation, too much activity.... you know normal life stuff! Wink

I love that kid but he needs some friends! Some friends that can talk about star wars fan fiction and not get legitimately pissed because the other person doesn't know Obadiah something or another from Iron Man! (I made a boo boo last night... I didn't know! *ROFL*)


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I'm not sure about dating but your DH really needs to make extra efforts to make sure his son has opportunities (forced if to socialize with other people outside the family.  Maybe his therapist or social worker might have some suggestions?

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He has work (he is a diswasher at IHOP) and he has welding school starting next week but he doesn't make friends easily and never has. He has to "socialize" but only on school and work levels.

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I don't know about dating sites but most comic book stores have gaming clubs.  If you bring him to one in your area you will probably see flyers posted about ones that they have or you can ask the guy at the register.  They tend to be light on girls but it will give him some social interaction.

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"aspergers" and "dating" there are a couple that appear. Not sure if you're looking for aspergers level or at a level where it's called autism.

(For the sticklers: I know there's no longer an "asperger" diagnosis. I know this, but it's still used in the general population.)