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boo hoo boo hoo boo hoo boo hoo boo hoo

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I have been trying to post but it wouldn't work.

Here's my thing. SO went to pick up his kids tonight at around 10pm. Our DS2 was asleep by 8. My darling daughter 9 asleep by 9. The skids walk in the door and want to wake up DS2. I am not impressed but a bit warmed that they want to see him so much. SO drops his keys off at the table and then goes to bed. I walk in and say, hey, they have woken him up, and he says, they will look after him. What the? So now it is after midnight, the skids are awake. DS2 is awake and SO is sleeping soundly, but I won't go to bed until my toddler is back in bed. Anyone else think this is crap?

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I am bloody livid. But my SO always suggests I am over reacting, so I think I may be even starting to second guess my own feelings.

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Oh, that would make me so mad. I would have told all the children to go wake their dad up.