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My son is a finalist in the NASA Poject!! 

He has done an entry for the last 3 years and had some really great designs but this year he won! He is going to Houston next month to present but either way his design is going to space! If he wins overall, there is a large scholarship for him and a grant for the school. 

He has worked so hard the last 5 months on this thing and he did it! I am bursting with joy for him! I just had to put it somewhere :) 


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Great accomplishment!

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What an accomplishment!!! Going to NASA! It's a great place and area with lots of stuff to do so after the competition, get out and venture around!

Congrats again!

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To all your good parenting and son's hard work!

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Congrats to your son and to you for raising a young man that is determined and works hard for what he wants. 

NASA would be my dream job so I'm slightly jealous of your son. 

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What an accomplishment! Congratulations to your son (and to his mom, of course)!

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That is wonderful! So glad you have some good news!

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What a lovely piece of news.  Thanks for sharing.

We'll all be sending our thoughts into the universe to hope he wins the overall prize.  

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Oh boy, that is incredibly exciting! You must be walking on air and bursting with fully justified pride!