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I think I have it under control! - But probably not...

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Sitting here at work, not really working. I came in over the weekend to do my most important tasks for the rest of the week, I just figured that a million little things would come up today if I didn't do that and I wouldn't be ready to take 2 weeks pretty much off/ work from home as much as possible. 

I am as prepared as I can be at home. All the laundry is done, I cleaned the carpets. I deep scrubbed the kitchen and bathrooms... 

I think I got this! 

Now that I am no longer stressed about the hysterectomy I can focus on being stressed about court in 2 weeks! I am sure I will post on here in my best Percocet personality about all of my feelings with that coming up and my having to travel 10 days post op. Wish me luck ladies! Hopefully I can hold it together to get through the last hurdle DH and I are willing to jump. 

Say a little prayer that my surgery goes well tomorrow and that the judge pulls his head out of his arse on the 29th and actually listens to the GAL and our lawyer for once! 


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You got this, girl!! And I hope you get some excellent pain relief and speedy healing!

If you're taking Percocet, be sure to have laxatives on hand. They can jam up the works.


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Here's to a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

Fingers crossed you experience the same near instant relief that I did.  Feel free to PM if there's anything (else ha!) I can share about my experience that might be helpful.

You got this! : )