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She's hit "rock bottom" pfffffftttt

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I have posted about SD29 before....just quick update.

SD29 meets boyfriend. She becomes addicted to percocet. Steals money from me and percocets from my medicine cabinet. DH wants to believe she didn't steal. but deep down I think he knows she did.

It's been a year she's been with this BF. She still has no job, doesn't pay her BM one dime of rent, DH pays car insurance. (grrrrr) Doesn't have a pot to piss in.

DH drives over her house last week and confronts her and the BF. BF doesn't come out of the house and SD doesn't let him in, so they start with a discussion that escalates into DH trying to get the boyfriend out of the house and SD starts crying and screaming....blah blah blah. DH throws his hands up in the air, says he's done with her and peels out of the driveway.

Fast forward to yesterday. SD calls DH. He answers the phone and goes outside to talk to her (HATE THAT)!!! Comes back and tells me it was SD and she was crying and said she's hit rock bottom and she wants to make things right and BF moved out (yeah right) and she's all done. (yawn)

I feel my insides boiling while he's telling me this crap. I said, "She's said all that before!"....
DH snaps and says "Well, I'm just telling you and letting you know!" (because we had an argument and I told him if he wants to keep his life and his kids a big secret from me, there is no sense in me staying in this marriage!) ....

So, I see where this is going. SD is going to come running back to daddy. Daddy is going to act like nothing has happened and I"M going to be expected to feel the same.

Guess what? It's NOT going to happen.
Our life has been relatively stress free and we have been very happy since SD has been on her drug binge. Personally, I could care less. But I know that I will not be able to allow her back into my life.

I guess my question is, I want to disengage, but I still want to know what's going on so I can protect myself. Am I still disengaging?

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Ha! I asked myself this question before and the answer is no. For me it is anyway, disengaging means I no longer give a shit about what ss does, who he hurts, and what his whore of a mother does. BUT it also means that he never steps foot in my house and never asks me for a damn thing. That girl is too old to be depending on her father. Good luck to you guys!

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Disengaging is very hard. But, it is what you make of it. Everyone's version of disengaging is different.

If I were you I would insist on him no longer paying for the car insurance. She doesn't deserve it.

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Good question Mustang. Now that I think about it, he just says, "well I pay her car insurance!". I don't know if that means HIS name is on the policy or HER name is on the policy.

Last week she failed to pay the registration......AGAIN....., so "they" took her plates. I don't know who "they" is or how that works.
So she couldn't drive and she texted her EX-boyfriend to send her a taxi!! WHAT?!?? So, the ex forward the text to DH and that's why DH drove over her house.
Thank god the ex had enough sense to say "I can't help you!".......yah, at least someone got some smarts!!!

So anywho, DH said he had to find out where "HIS" plates are because he pays her insurance!

I said " well obviously, she doesn't give a shit about you, because she knows it's now YOUR problem and not hers" that she didn't pay her registration. grrr....
(my armpits are sweating thinking about all this)

I can't help but feel some resentment towards DH and I can't get over it.

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Well DH called the insurance company yesterday to find out what he has to do to get her off his insurance!!! Okay, I'm a little impressed. Don't want to get too excited though.

He's going after work to fill out the paperwork.

Here ya go SD ! Put that in your pipe and smoke it! }:)

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Nope, it's never going to end!

Thank god I listened to my intuition and never put his name on my house!