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Ugh - get out of my way!!

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I am at a divisional office for a jury selection.  My boss, who I generally like, came up today to help out because we brought in more jurors than we usually would AND this case has been a clusterf*ck  from the jump.  We tried to pick it last month, but ended up having a mistrial because one of the defendants acted the fool in front of the jury panel, anyway, that's a different story.

So. I have my groove.  I know my sh*t!  I am a badass!  She is TOTALLY GETTING IN MY WAY!

Ugh - and I have finally confirmed what I long suspected to be true - I know more about this jury thing than she does.

Rant over...


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~passes the tequila to WOB~

It is SO annoying when that happens. I am extremely thankful that my boss knows I know how to my job better than she does...

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Good Lort... I got summonsed for jury duty last summer.  So freaking annoying.  We were told to be there at 9... never saw a lawyer, judge anyone appear until well after 10.  RUDE.  Praise the dear baby Jesus I was the very last person in the first group of potential jurors to be called up to answer all the assinine questions from defense and prosecutor.  I was absolutely mortified that we had a list of 15 questions on our chair that we each had to stand up answer the questions in front of the defendent AND all the other potential jurors in the room.  RUDE  I don't feel that 75 strangers need to know if I'm married, where I work, how many children I have, what orginizations I belong to, do I have bumper stickers on my car??? etc.  I wish they'd ask the question that always gets me off, straight away to save me the waste of time and annoyance.  Yes, MANY people in my family are currently police officers or retired police officers, including my DH, my father, my FIL and 3 cousins.  Case dismissed. They finally got around to choosing  and dismissing us from the FIRST group around 3 p.m.  I felt really bad for the people that had to sit there allllll day and then come back the next day to do it all over again.  For a piece of garbage Meth dealer... ugh

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it's not rude....

sometimes last minute things come up and need to be addressed.  That can't be done in front of the jury.

As for the questions, yes, they have to be asked.  Getting a fair and impartial jury of one's peers is a constitutional right, and those questions are designed to make sure you live in the particular jurisdiction, uncover biases, etc.

You wouldn't be excused for having family members who are LEOs in my court :-)  

Even piece of garbage meth dealers have rights, dear.

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I get that the questions have to be asked, but I feel I have the right to privacy.  I did not know even one of the 75 or so people that were sitting in that court room.  Why should they ALL be privy to my private/professional life??  I felt so bad for the little old lady who had to say in front of everyone that her son was currently in the county jail for drug charges and for the seemingly nice man, sitting a few chairs down from me who had to tell everyone how is father was a convected felon.  Like I don't need to run into these people at Walmart or soccer practice and know these things.  Sorry 2

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It's frustrating to be saddled with extra help...when it sometimes almost makes it more difficult to do your job.  Hope the day gets better as it goes on.

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Strike a yoga pose and chant mother fer , mother fer, mother fer,  mother fer.....the tension will float away:).

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I think they went through about 7 rounds of people all day long and pretty much NO one made the cut.  Turns out I got turned down because I work for the county (in IT)  Pretty high bar there.  I guess this was going to be a high profile district attorney case.  I was in the last "round" of people.