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Forgery Update #2

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I talked to the city attorney today. DH gave my phone number to her because he can't receive calls during normal business hours on the ship. 

They are moving forward with pressing charges against her, right now they are working to determine what the extent of the charges will be but she assured me that the city is not letting this go. 

Hopefully the judge will feel the same way! I am curious to see if the judge will be the same one that we get in family court. The county BM lives in does not even have a court system. They use the "county seed" (about 1.5 hrs away) court house- I don't understand the terminology but basically they use the next county over's courts and that judge hears everything because they are too small to even have a judge. I was honestly surprised that they have a city attorney! When I looked up the site there are only 2 judges in that district which holds 4 counties. I know that seems confusing, but we are talking RURAL midwest here. 

We are still awaiting a date for the hearing. Our lawyer was hoping he would have one secured for the end of this month, early next month. I feel like I have to keep pressing so that we can get one going and all of this will be fresh in front of the judge. 


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to this! That is great that they are not letting this go! Hopefully she gets some jail time because forgery is a serious matter!

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I mean, forgery of CDC/Health department documents is kind of a big deal, one would think! 

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Throw the book at her. Great update...can't wait to hear more.

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We are all invested in this!!

Any SM who's ever had to deal with a slippery, shady, Teflon - coated BM would be thrilled to see that horrible woman finally get some comeuppance.

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Great news! I sure hope they find her guilty and she gets a serious sentence out of this. 

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Is in violation of the CO. on visitation 

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This is good news!! You can only get away with so much for so long right? 

Not to be negative about this because your HCBM deserves everything she gets but, do you think this will affect your relationship with SS? Considering he did make the comment "you were trying to get mom in jail" remark. Don't remember exactly how you worded it..

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Don't forget that the forgery was so the BM could withhold SS from his father. BM is seriously in the wrong here, and she's being called out on it. SHE is wrong to withhold the boy. DH is RIGHT to take action to prevent that. And that's what SS needs to understand--that his mother broke the law in order to keep him from his father. TWO serious wrongs. DH just wants to spend time with his son according to the court order.

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Oh I totally agree with everything she has coming for her. She deserve every piece of it. 

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DH and I are fairly certain that unless this whole thing results in a custody flip- we are adding this to the contempt charges pending along with the criminal case that is pending- we probably won't ever see my SS again. DH does feel that this is his hill to die on though. SS has to see that you can't lie and cheat and scheme forever and get away with it. There are consequences.

I don't think SS will ever see it that way. Afterall, he thinks that it was all a mistake and his mom did nothing wrong and "took care of it". So I am sure that he will see this as us lying and attacking BM.

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That's exactly what I was curious about.. I agree with that your SS does need to see this is how NOT to live your life. 

See what happens from here! 

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Justmakingthebest, I hope you and dh see the result you are looking for based on current laws in BM's jurisdiction.

This is your bm's first boo boo Wink , right? ?  I doubt she will have the book thrown on her.  Also, I imagine she will boo hoo in front of a Judge, and drag SS along inside the court room for a full theatrical effect.

They do that often, anyway, BM  saying she is just a poor whittle Single Mom who didn't know she what she was doing with all of those BAD BAD papers and accidently wrote something, somewhere and allllll along she though she was doing the right thing for her son.

She may get a 500 fine. Maybe just a finger wag and court costs or all of the above.



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They may not be so lenient given this is "COVID" related and is part of a pattern of ignoring court orders. BM is trying to benefit from a pandemic. 

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Oh that would be gold. But if it hits the news don't forget to delete this part of your blogs in case it comes up in searches 

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Hmm.  Someone completely unrelated to OP in any way and has no vested interest in what happens to BM could drop an anonymous dime.  I'm not necessarily volunteering, but I do have 10 fingers which are very capable of dialing a phone.  Just sayin'.....

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I would think it could easily be one of those problem solver- fluff pieces:

"How far will some parents go to keep their children from the other parent? One local mom went as far as forging CDC paperwork."