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About to snap!

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I swear to God I am going to lose it if we don't know the court date by the end of the week! 

We have to go back to DH's home state (SS's state) in June for DH's baby sister's wedding. The wedding is on a friday, we have requested the court date be the following Monday. The court was already booked in May. I have already used all but 3 days of my vacation time this year. It is REALLY hard on my company when I am out of the office for a Mon-Fri calendar week. They all do better when I can do Wed-Wed. I also have to have my son and daughter home for Monday for the last week of school. My son has final exams (he is taking 3 high school classes in 7th grade). With this trip having them miss 2 more days of school they are going to be at the limit of "allowable" absenses since we took them out of school for the cruise to accomadate SS and they missed a couple of days at Thanksgiving to visit their dad (it made a big difference in plane tickets for him). 

I can't drive this one since it takes us 2 days to get there (21 hours on the road). We have to fly to make it work and me not miss too much work or my kids too much school. That mean we are flying 5 of us (DH, Me, SS19, BS13, DD12). This also means it is likely that we will be purchasing a last minute ticket to bring SS home with us. As of right now flights for the 5 of us are $1800. I need to know what is happening!!

I don't want to book our return flight for different flights if we aren't having court. I don't want to miss extra work if we don't NEED to. I also need to know if I have to plan for a 2nd round of tickets for DH and I if the date isn't going to work! It has been a month since we filed!! WHYYYYYYY is it taking so long to get the date???? I have never heard of a court system like this!!


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If nothing else, are you able to book on Southwest so you can change the flights easier if need be? The flexibility with them is nice, you only pay the difference between the new flight, if you need to change flights. But that only works if the airports they fly into are near you.

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The one thing you probably don't need to worry about is the ticket for SS to fly back with you.  Based on how this court has treated your DH to date, I can't imagine you'll need that ticket.  I second the Southwest suggestion - they make it easy to change flights.

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Do you have to travel with H for the court day? Can he go on his own or does he want you there for support?

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Thanks for the southwest tip ladies!! I will look at that process. They weren't but about $100 more for all 5 of us total when I was looking earlier but I didn't look at flexible fares.

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I don't believe it matters what your original class of ticket is. There is no change fee. The sticky wicket is that if you had purchased one of the lowest price tickets (wanna get away), and there are no more of them available on the new flight and you have to upgrade your ticket, the price difference will be higher. But, there is no additional change fee.