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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in update, we've been out of town.

The good news is the interview seemed to go pretty well. It is a definite sizable demotion, which DH is bummed about, but beggars can't be choosers. He says the interview portion with HR went really well. The interview with his would-be boss went well, but he said he was hard to read. They said they wanted to move "pretty quickly" on filling the role and want to fill within a month (which isn't that quick but whatever). He also said they were considering other candidates Sad DH could definitely do the job and do it really well. He sent thank you follow ups to everyone the next day and is waiting to hear. If he doesn't hear anything by the end of this week he will follow up with HR. The other good thing is, after the interview, the HR guy took him on a few hours tour of the different offices in the area. DH said he seemed like he was really trying to sell DH on working there, so hopefully that is a good sign.

The bad news is we had to move the court date. I'm pretty pissed at DH for being so disorganized and lazy. We already had a trip planned to TX to see SS5 and SS7 for DH's birthday. The court date the Thursday before the Friday trip, so DH was flying in on Wednesday - he booked a separate flight for himself and we were booked on the weekend flight roundtrip together. I should note - he booked the separate flight for himself AFTER our dual roundtrip flight had been booked for weeks. For a few weeks, I've been telling him to call the airline and sort out our joint flight. I've been telling him he needs to cancel only his leg there (not mine) because if he doesn't show up they will cancel both of our flights home. I asked him to do this almost every day for 2 or 3 weeks. Of course, since I am the planner in our family, he does nothing.

Meanwhile, the Wednesday he is to travel, I am in DC on business and basically unreachable in back to back meetings all day. He had a layover on his Wednesday flight, so he flies to Atlanta and goes to the service counter there to sort out the flights. It turns out he booked me on a coupon companion ticket for our joint flight, and he HAD to be on the flight in order for me to be on it. To change this and book my own round trip flight, it would cost $2,000. To just fly home to PHL and get on our original flight together would cost $130. He flew home.

I get a text from him vaguely worded about this and a missed call, but I'm in meetings and didn't see it for a few hours. I'm FURIOUS. We had a fight about his malaise and how this should have been sorted by now. He DOESN'T HAVE A JOB!!! He literally has nothing but time to call the airlines and sort this out ahead of time. BM is of course pissed (and understandably so) because this is the second time he has had to cancel the court date the day before after she rearranged her work. The first time was for my cancer biopsy.

So, no we wait. The lawyer is working with her lawyer and the judge to get rescheduled. I'm hoping for next week.

I will post a separate blog about SS and the weekend...this one will be a doozy