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Let the game begin.

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This morning DH’s attorney will file his answer to BM’s petition to amend the custodial order.

There is lots of crap in the filing but it points out the following:

1) BM has been remanded to Federal Prison custody and her current release date extends past the youngest dependent child’s 18th birthday and graduation from High School.

2) BM is currently nearly $20k in arrears with supporting her children. Father is having to support the children without the benefit of CS and to find him responsible for this excessive transportation, to facilitate visitation with a parent who through her own voluntary actions, has found herself incarcerated so far from home, places unnecessary duress upon respondent, respondents household and finances.

3) BM’s incarceration is a direct result of her poor decision making and utter failure to effectively co-parent with the respondent (DH). That she is a combative “co-parent” and that her need for ‘revenge’ outweighs the children’s needs for a stable home life. (Insert all police case file numbers that have ever applied, trust me this is a LONG list)

4) BM does not make good decisions regarding the children (case file # inserted for her multiple cases for breaking restraining order, breaking and entering and 4 charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor) and it is not in the children’s best interest to be influenced by petitioner again. That since Petitioner has not had contact with the children have benefitted (insert copies of report cards … during BM involvement: then after. Also two letters from the counselors who are currently seeing the two minor children)

5) BM in still in litigation that may result in additional jail time (for turning off all my utilities, State vs her for Identity fraud for the same and my boss verses her for damages to the company based off the false reporting) Each of these cases is listed out by case number, the state’s case number clearly showing felony charges.

6) Only two dependent minor children remain in the house. The two children (names and dates of birth listed) that have reached their majority, regardless of their dependency status, have declined to participate in the extensive travel that would be required for visitation at the Prison. The two minors (names and dates of birth listed) object to the proposed ‘visitation’ schedule for the same reason as the two elder children: the visitation interrupts their jobs, extracurricular activities (including those that count for grades- listed by class), the drive is over 8 hours round trip for a window of opportunity to see the petitioner for only 90 minutes. (There is literally a yahoo map attached, with directions from the house to the prison, with total miles and time highlighted).

7) Lots of legalese on all kinds of crap. Basically DH attorney reaming out BM attorney for improper service to his client, failure to file some specific form etc. Basically 4 paragraphs of telling the attorney what an idiot he is and how he fails at his job epically.


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Sounds like BM couldn't have given you a better case at this point. She's a real moron.

What is she in for again? I knew about turning off your electricity and calling the IRS on your company, but what is she in for right now? She's a moron.

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Turning in her company fraudulently to the IRS is all that is needed. Feds don't play games and they don't plea bargain much either.

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I would love for our BM to get popped for violating her probation...abuse/neglect of the skids 3.5 years ago.

I think spending even 6 months in jail would be a godsend for her. Get her off the prescription pain pills and maybe she would go back to her stupid, but loving self and raise her own fucking kids.

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I'm glad you're finally getting somewhere to rid yourselves of that toxic piece of trash!

I still can't get over all the shit she's pulled. It's nice to see that sometimes they DO get what they deserve! Please keep us posted!

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I wish to have your attorney's children. Blum 3

Your DH's attorney is fantastic. I'm glad he's reaming him/her out, and in a legal document.