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Cleaning up my document files. An interesting read.

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This was the result of nearly a year of manipulation regarding a custody suit by SpermGrandHag to get custody of my SS for her serial statutory rapist (though not convicted) son the SpermIdiot or as I refered to him at that time... DickHead.  I typed this  up from the pdf scan of the orignial judgement years ago.  We lived by this and the supplemental county rules for 16+ years and became very good at beating them about the head and shoulders with a rolled up copy of the CO. This was a few days after we married.

It took a couple of clarification sessions with the Judge to get the SpermClan to comprehend that visitation travel was on their time and that they owed for half of any stipulated expenses not covered by medical and dental insurance.  They still owe us ~$10Grand for that.

Hard to believe that it was more than 24 years go.

Time flies when you are having fun.

And I would like to point out that they were never married.  I brought that up in court during a clarification session with the Judge because I wanted the CO corrected to eliminate the word "marriage" from the CO. He just rolled his eyes at me.  This was after the full page add in his home town paper incident. I don't think he had much interest in my presence at that clarification.

Enjoy the read.

Sincere regards,




            FOR XXXX COUNTY


In the matter of the marriage of:                         Case No. F-xxxx


                                                                        TO MODIFY THE STIPULATED

MY DW                                                           JUDGEMENT OF PATERNITY







            This matter having come before the Court upon Respondents’ Motion for Order to Show Cause for Modification of Stipulated Order of Paternity and Counter-Motions for Modification on the 3rd day of August, 1994; the Court having heard testimony of the parties, having reviewed the evidence and the file herein;





1.         That at all times in which the petitioner and respondent live within 200miles of each other, respondent shall have visitation with his minor son, XYZ, date of birth XX/XX/XXX, pursuant to XXXX County Supplemental Rule 8.085.


2.         That at all times which petitioner and respondent live more than 200 miles from each other, respondent will have visitation with his minor son, XYZ, as follows:


a. During 1994, respondent shall have visitation from September 25 through October 8 and from December 11 though December 22.


b. Beginning in 1995 and continuing through the summer of 1998, respondent will have visitation as follows:

               (1) Two weeks in March.

               (2) Four weeks in the summer.  After two weeks of respondents visitation has passed, petitioner shall be entitled to up to ten days of visitation in the area where the respondent is residing.  Respondent's four week visitation will be extended by the number of days which the petitioner has the child in the middle of the respondents four week summer visitation.  For example, if after the respondent has had two weeks of summer visitation, petitioner visits with her son in the respondent’s area for six days, then after the child is returned to the respondent, he shall have two weeks remaining visitation.  Respondents’ summer visitation shall not include the minor child's birthday on consecutive years.

              (3) Two weeks in September or October

              (4) December 11 through December 22.

               (5) For seven days of respondents choosing, provided the seven days visitation is not within two weeks of any other visitation, and that the seven day visitation takes place in the child's area of residence.


c. For the period beginning on the date school starts in 1998 and continuing there after as follows:

              (1) A five day weekend visit in September or October after September 15th in the area where the child resides so that the child may attend school during the day.

              (2) On even numbered years, winter visitation beginning on the day school gets out until December 24; and on odd numbered years beginning on December 26, until the day before school starts.

              (3) Every spring vacation pursuant to XXXX County Supplemental Rule 8.085.

              (4) Five weeks in the summer; after two weeks of respondents summer visitation has passed, petitioner will have up to ten days of visitation in the area in which respondent is residing.  Respondent’s five week summer visitation will be extended by the number of days which petitioner has the child in the middle respondent’s five-week summer visitation.  Respondent’s summer visitation shall not include the child’s birthday on consecutive years.


            d. Respondent shall inform petitioner in writing at least 60 days prior to any visitation he intends to exercise.  The notice shall include the dates he intends to exercise visitation.  Petitioner shall respond in writing to respondent within 15 days of receipt of notice as to whether or not she will exercise visitation in the middle of the respondent’s visitation, including the dates and number of days the intends to have the minor child.


            e. Times for beginning and ending visits shall be flexible to accommodate transportation arrangements.  Visits shall end after an amount of time less than or equal to the period provided in this order.  Thus, for example, a visit from September 25 through October 8 is a visit for two weeks, and petitioner shall be entitled to the return of the child after 336 hours (24x14) has passed since the petitioner released the child to the care of the respondent.  Said differently, petitioner shall be entitled to return of the child on the final day of the visit, at or before the time at which she released the child to the respondent’s care on the first day of the visitation.


The cost of transportation for all visitations shall be handled by the parties as follows:  Each party shall be responsible to provide transportation to bring the minor child from the child’s location to the party’s location.  For example, Mr. DickHead shall arrange and be responsible for the child’s transportation to Mr. Dickhead’s residence for visitations.  Petitioner shall arrange and be responsible to provide transportation back to her residence.  This may include any acceptable transportation including transportation by grandparents.  Each party shall cooperate in making travel arrangements for the child’s return, including driving the child to the airport, if necessary.

Respondent shall pay petitioner $132.00 per month for child support commencing on the 10th day of August, 1994.


Each party shall be responsible for one half of unreimbursed medical, dental, optical, and orthodontic expenses incurred on behalf of the minor child.


Both parties shall provide the other with their current address and telephone numbers.


Dated this _____ day of October, 1994


                                                                                    JUDGE MORON IN A BLACK ROBE


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I get the same feelings going back through previous blogs on this site.

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You could have gone all day and not said that.  Thanks for pointing our my rapidly approaching geriatric status.


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Wow Rags. I can see many areas in this CO that I’m sure spermclan were too dumb to execute properly and you got to save SS from a visitation here and there.

I can’t wait for the day when I can look back on our CO and just shudder as if it were all an awful nightmare.

Do you plan on ever shredding any of these documents? 

I would to just burn all of ours someday. I don’t want anything in my home with DD’s abuser’s name on it, and I dream of the day we can burn the past in a giant bonfire and forget HCBD ever existed. 6 years after that, we can hold a similar “memory erasing” ceremony for HCBM (skids mom).

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The paper copies are already long gone.  My bride purged them not long after SS-26 aged out from under the CO.

I still have the scanned copies and this word doc that I typed up a couple of decades ago.  Not sure why I keep it all other than I spent so much time countering the SpermClan shit that to just delete it seems like a waste of all of those countless hours.


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