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SD has 13 gifts sitting here to be opened when she gets back. She already opened I believe 8 from family members on our side before she went to BMs. She usually gets another 20 - 25 presents at her moms.

What I'm asking is - Is this enough gifts to make up for her parents not living together or should we buy her more?

Asking for a MIL.


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Shame on you. Of course poor widdle COD can never have enough presents. Everyone needs to buy her love and cater to her. COD's have the given right to feel entitled, and its up to the Disney parent or grandparents to ensure this happens Wink . Remember this doesnt stop at adulthood, even middle aged COD gets the same treatment. Once you understand this and adjust to this line of thinking your life will be far more peaceful. LOL

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Only 13? What kind of horrible stepmonster are you! 15 is the BARE MINIMUM you can give a COD. Anything less than that truly signifies that you don't care. May as well just flip SD off when she walks in the house.

On a more serious note, this is why DH and I have really cut back on what we buy the boys. This year, on top of several hundred dollars worth of actual gifts, they got over $200 each in cash and another $150ish in gift cards amongst all the family that buys for them. It's nuts how much crap they get at the holidays.

Though I was pleasantly surprised this year that they only got 2 video games each. Hell, YSS got mostly books and OSS got crafting and instrument stuff. I was floored!

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The amount of stuff all of the kids get grosses me out a little tbh. I mean I guess I should appreciate it, but it feels so excessive and almost wasteful. And they dont appreciate what they have as much when theres so much. And then SD gets twice what the other kids get and want more.

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OMG. You win the Internet today. 

Well, ST at least...


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There is no such thing as "enough" or "too much" when it comes to the precious coddled COD.  You should know better by now....lmao

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Also, don't be offended if she acts ungrateful while opening them!  That is not okay for you to act that way.  She is entitled to let you know if she doesn't like it and why and what she should get instead.  

LMAO, asking for a MIL!  This is absolutely hilarious!

The first Christmas that DH and I had SD BM told DH she was "okay with him having SD as long as he bought her enough gifts" yeah that isn't how it works.  He gets her b/c the CO says he gets her and doesn't say "only if you buy her enough gifts"....way to teach those kids what is important!

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OMG yes. My SD's are notorious for telling DH how much they don't like certain gifts and asking why we would even buy that......then my favorite part is when they just hand gifts back to DH and say "I don't like this." Then basically they sort through the gifts and only remove from the living room/common area....what they want and just leave the rest. I do get to have a litte fun each year at Christmas, though, I  give them ONE FULL WEEK after Christmas...and the items they left and never touched or took to their rooms get tossed promptly in the trash and I love it.

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My SD is embarassing to me so I don't know how DH isn't embarassed by her at Christmas.  One year we were at DH's SM's for Christmas (bless his SM for having us over when his father has passed and she doesn't have to)...anyways SM bought our YDS something and SD loudly proclaims, "Oh he already has that!"....seriously?!?! Shut up!  No one asked you and I feel that is rude.  You get a gift and you say thank you.  Ugh! 

I think you should start saving receipts and returning them and buying something you want.  They sound like horrible brats!  I would be so embarassed if my son ever said anything like that.  

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Hahaha no way, my SD did the same thing this year! Questioned my grandma if ODS got all the same stuff he did, and then told her that "well he already has a watch." And then with a fake smile "but that's okay!" Knowing her the way I do this meant: I'm angry that you didnt treat me as being more special than him so I'm going to say something mean in a "not mean" way. For the record, SD also already had a watch.

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Knowing my SD she was probably also intentionally obnoxious b/c DH's SM is one of the only people she is related to that does not treat her like she is more super special than everyone else.  DH's SM is also one of the only people DH is related to that will call SD out on her attetion seeking or competing with my son and not care if SD is upset by it.  DH's SM is my favorite ;) 

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FLASHBACKS to Xmas of '07...that summer the Girhippo launched a phoney CPS report against us because Chef DARED to put the Animal Torturer in timeout for kicking the Houseshitter in the face.  Chef felt sooooo guilty even though he did NOTHING wrong by disciplining (for the very first time in three years) his ferals!

He (read:my money) bought the brats top of the line Xmas presents (I wouldn't have) and as we were pulling out of their driveway, Gir put the brats on speaker and had them complain and whine about their gifts; you could clearly hear the Gir snickering in the background.  I would have driven right back up, demand the gifts back and take them back to the store or to charity!!!  But nooooo.  Before that they would say "Is that it?" or "is that all?" after opening presents!!!  GRRRRRR!!!!  Especially because I nor my bios had Christmas.


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Sorry but your first paragraph caused me to burst out laughing!  OMG - how did you get through that?

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Oh I dont even watch her open them. Looking at the pile of gifts waiting for her and the pleasure of watching her open the ones so got from my grandparents, milking every second of it, is more than enough. 

Lol you cant be serious that BM said that....its like some of these people are actually actively teaching their kids the opposite of commonsense morals. Besides, doesn't she want to be the parent that buys more lol?

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BM has always actively taught SD that material posessions and expensive activities/vacations = love.  Duh!