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BM is a weirdo pt 3

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So one of my close friends is from the same very small town (like less than 100 people) as BM and was friends with her a very long time ago (like 9 years ago) before she flipped out on my friend and my friend ended up hating her. 

She apparently saw my friend walking around Friday and just messaged her last night late at night saying that she had seen her and wanted to know if she would want to catch up sometime etc. Proceeded to mention that she "had a daughter now" as if my friend didnt already know that (she was already pregnant when they got in the fight) and pretended she didnt know my friend knows us. My friend said the mentioning that she had a daughter now (who is my SD obviously) made absolutely no sense with the context of the convo. absolutely 100% knows that the friend was in our wedding, etc. Just why??? Why wait 2.5 days to message her, why pretend she doesn't know shes friends with us?

BM also messaged me unnecessarily last night asking for info she already has and giving me info I already have regarding daycare for the FOURTH time. Basically the exact same message she sent a week ago and has 2 other times. She also offered to come to our house every single day on the weeks we have SD to pick her up and bring her to daycare- uh no. I'm sure its all just a coincidence that we happen to have moved to a brand new house and have a baby due in a week and a half that shes acting like that, right?



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From the sounds of it, she's just desprately trying to make herself relevant in your and your DH's life. The "catching up with the friend" and playing dumb. Messaging you the same thing.  Just really seems she's trying to insert herself wherever she can.

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Yeah that's what I think too...I kind of wonder if there is some kind of mental illness going on there also since she says and does alot of things that just dont make any sense and doesnt always seem fully in touch with reality. 

I wish my friend could have been a little less polite to her in response, but shes too nice for that.

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It's always possible she does have something. Some people also just seem beyond out of place when it comes to reality.

Well I mean kudos to her for being so nice in the face of a crazy lady! 

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She's trying to find out if you are still friends and if you and the friend talk about her.

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Block her.

She is not your ex nor your responsibility or problem!

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BM wants dirt on you from your friend.  She's feeling less-than and needs an upper.


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Yeah that crossed my mind also. Wondering if she was hoping to hear something negative about us.