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So while laying in my bed contemplating weather i should get up and start cleaning and doing laundry or get a few more zzz before everyone wakes up. I decided to get more zzz!!! Well i start to her my BS4 gaging in his bathroom. And i knew me getting some sleep was going to be to much to ask for (smile) I just knew that my son was bout to throw up so i ran to him, and what i saw made me throw up. SERIOUSLY!!! I threw up in the kitchen trash can.

Okay so DH brought SD4 back home from her moms house last night. When she walked in the house she actually spoke to me and said Hi. Cause all the other times she just walks in and make a bee line right to the room. So in my head im thinking that this is going to be a good week for the both of us. YEAH!!! Smile

WELL you ever hear the phrase "a good thing never last forever" This morning all the high hopes came to a screeching halt when i ran in the bathroom this morning.

The reason that my son was gaging was not cause he was sick it was because SD4 had shit every where in the bathroom. Shit on the tolit, shit on the floor, shit ALL over her, and all over her clothes. Now coming from a person that has 4 kids and still has a baby in diapers i should be used to the sight of poop. HELL no im not. As soon as i seen it i had to run to the kitchen trash can. My son followed me to the trash can as we both vomited uncontrollably.

I have no idea what happened that made her shit all over my just cleaned bathroom and im not to eggier to find out. I can deal with the peeing a lot better now (LOL) I guess... As long as she don't ever shit all over the bathroom ever again. This is too much to deal with, with her. Im waiting on her father to come home and get her now.

Now after just cleaning the bathroom top to bottom last night, i have to go in and bleach down everything and im going to clean the rest of my house all over again. Cleaning till i cant even smell nothing but bleach.

Let this nightmare end PLEASE.


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I'm not trying to be mean but the little squiggly red line under your words means it's misspelled. You really need to exercise spellcheck. Sorry.

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I have IE and FireFox. With FireFox I get the spellcheck feature, but my IE doesn't have it. It'll depend on what browser the OP has/uses. Considering some of the posts I see, I don't think there was anything egregious about this blog.

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Monkey's throw feces &/or smear it...maybe, as a species, we are regressing back down the evolutionary ladder?

Or...the poop smearing kids are just freaky little jerks?

Either way...GROSS!

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look my spelling is the least of my problems. but thanks for the heads up..
did i spell everything correctly???

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Ummm...since you asked, your spelling is indeed correct but now your punctuation & sentence structure could use some work...just sayin.

J/K Blum 3

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OP, sometimes when spelling is really bad, it's hard for people to know what you're trying to say.
I'm sure that's what UFR was talking about.

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ohh yeah by the way i did use spellcheck and a dictionary so please tell me what words are misspelled

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eager. Butt i'm knot beein pety! LOL


Seriously though, I wasn't gonna post any comments in response to the "spell check" stuff, cause I was thinking "really? seriously? Come on, who cares about the typos!" But then you asked what was misspelled, and I couldn't resist! LOL

On to the post, I would have vomited also. It not bein my own kids shit I would've been throwing up every where. Hell, with my own kids shit, I would have been dry heavin. EWWWWW...........

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I was seriously not trying to be a bitch, it was just that I had to read your post a few times to figure out what you were trying to say. I assumed GAGING meant GAGGING, but it was only after getting to the next line that I was able to figure that out.
Sorry you had to deal with a bathroom covered in shit. That would make me vomit too.

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THAT is gross!!!! What is it with these shitting all over everything kids?????

One day I found blood on the toilet seat lid after SD was in there. I just went in and asked her dad if he cut himself because there is blood on the toilet. I let him clean it up. Gross.

StarStuff's picture SD had a simultaneous vomit/shit storm over the winter when she was sick. Apparently it was all over the bathroom. FDH came in our bedroom and was like "I don't know what to do, it's so disgusting". My response "Deal with it". I refused to get out of bed for that literal shit. Yeah. FDH cleaned that one up.