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Well I thought things had gotten better....

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I had a very relaxing 11 days off of work. I work 3 days 12 hours so with 4 days a week off, a week vacation and then flipping ends of the week...11 days off.

Got a lot of stuff done before the cold and snow. Got in a few days of just relaxing and vegging around.

And then Wednesday happened and then Saturday happened.

Wednesday YSS went to to court bc he attacked the workers at the treatment center 3 times in 6 weeks (aug and sept). They were supposed to keep him and find a better mental institution for him. The Center ppl lied to BM and DSO bc YSS was sent directly to a juvie center until they can place him. Imagine that, a place that specializes in behavioral issues couldn't handle him. A place that were too afraid to even tell the kid he was being sent to juvie bc they were afraid of his temper. They told the boy he might go home for a few weeks so he had to take all his stuff with him...and then shipped him out after court.

So, Saturday was my birthday. 70 degree day, bday on a weekend. DSO had promised we could go out 2 weeks ago bc we haven't been able to go out much recently with getting firewood handled, DSO had some med issues a few months ago.

No, DSO had to run up to see the little shit THAT DAY. Couldn't just say, 'Hey kid, its SMs bday' or even lie. Had to go see him. In fact, he will have to go see him 1 day every weekend until who knows how long, 105 miles. This child will be in treatment centers and juvie for years. I already had to deal with this for 3 years bc OSS was in juvie for 2.5 years. Also, my car has 193000 miles on cant take 200+ miles on it every week, plus the miles for me to work and do what I need too. My job pays the house bills so I need my car for work more than he needs it to go see the kid. He drives my old 25yo truck for work and when I'm working so his won't make it either.

One on hand, I understand that DSO is devastated his favorite kid is screwed. But TBH, DSO needs to just see the light and realize this child is a danger. I tried to get DSO to get him better mental help when we had him for 2 years. DSO didn't want to put in the effort of caling docs, scheduling appts and all of that. DSO doesn't want 'people to know' his kids are fucked up in the head so he just wants a pill to make the boys normal and then sit on his lazy ass. He never has put in any effort on the court stuff, just expects good results when he doesn't try and find solutions and relay them to the lawyer....the lawyer is free, he is going to put his time in on the cases that pay.

Sorry this is long, but I think right now is the closest I have come to just telling him to get the fuck out. DSO honestly can not think of anyone else in the world, including SD, when it comes to YSS.