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Letting SD run things

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She's 10. So I have Netflix of my own that we use. DH told SD to login with my info on her phone because the one he's paying for on her phone  is going to be turned off. She threw a fit with her 10 year old logic "well all of my shows are on this one". Then went on to later tell her mother, who then calls my husband to tell him to stop "forcing " me on the Skids. Because of fucking Netflix. Some of the things that go on are so idiotic I'm almost embarrassed to be associated with it. He told her , I'm not paying for both, she'll either use our login or she won't have Netflix on her phone. This is only one example of many. And of course broke ass BM was probably using the Netflix for herself. Sometimes I hate that him for having children with such an idiot. I'm just annoyed today. I hate that I have to hear or deal with any of the bs. Oh , and after DH mom and I had a heated conversation, now all of the sudden his sister and mother are all for BM when for YEARS before the argument, they couldn't stand her and wouldn't even let her in the house. I'm like wow, they flip flop so easily. Apparently his sister is waiting for me to apologize. Not happening. 


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I'm so confused as to when kids started gaining legal rights and power of attorney over their perfectly healthy, functional, parents' budget and spending habits...

SD10 does not pay for Netflix. Therefore she is lucky to have it all, as it is gift.

After that hissy fit she threw, I would have banned her completely from Netflix.

Kids do not rule the roost.

And yes, it sounds like BM was using her account.

I'm curious about the heated discussion and why the SILs feel like it's their business at all.

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His mother is weird and verbally abusive. We came over and after she called him yelling about someone drinking her prune juice, she literally called irate about prune juice. More Recently, she called "I know I had some money hidden, when were you guys last here". One day she was talking in that way and I just told her off. And she doesn't just say it, she yells. Like, I'm just tired of her. And then one minute she's nice and offering Sunday dinner. And his family has this perspective of "well that's mom, and she's old. You know how she is". She's mad because I disrespected her mom. I'm like fuck your mom. & she doesn't care about or want to be bothered with any of her grand children. I already had very little respect for her. And of course BM is eating that situation up because loud mouth SD went and told her mother what happened. Now after literal years of distance, they're all inviting BM over and "well that's the kids mom" bullshit. I'm like yeah she was their mother five months ago but you didn't invite her over for Christmas. Or Thanksgiving

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If I were your DH, I’d tell the spoiled little princess she can either watch the Netflix you are providing, or she can go without. And if she’s going to call her mother to complain about her privilege, it will be revoked until she starts being respectful and using some manners. 

I don’t understand why a 10 year old needs a phone in the first place, but that’s a separate issue. As for the BM, I’d simply ignore her. It’s got nothing to do with her, and if she’s not happy that SD’s Netflix got cut off (because now she can’t use it), she can reach into her pocket & buy poopsie her own account (yeah right). 

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That fact alone would cause me to cut off the Netflix account for SD10.

SD13 Munchkin used to do that, over things I said that she disagreed with.

Causing DH to recieve nasty texts from BM and Feral Forger. I finally had the discussion with her that if she is going to do this "Playing the Houses" against each other she would no longer recieve benefits from me.

At 10 she understands that if she cries, she gets attention and action. She might not understand the repercussions of this, and the bigger picture.

Sounds like the inlaws are a dysfunctional group. Time to completely disengage from them...pronto.