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OT-well, with all the stress, maybe I'll celebrate...I guess BM is having a tough time lol

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Someone sent me a note from BMs has a picture of her NEW baby boy...and a friend of hers wrote "I hope this little angel returns the peace and tranquility your home needs"...LOL

All I have to say is...LOL F#$%ck you BM...having a rough time now, huh? Darn, how freaking sad...just when you have a little baby boy you can't think straight with your crazy daughter, CS ending and who knows what FREAKING sorry...payback sure is hell...The best is yet to come witch! Just like when my son was born and you were on a mission to make my life hell and included my ILs in your little game...where I sat crying so many days...F#$%ck you...enjoy now!