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OT-friend MIL already waiting for new DIL to treat HER grandbaby's good...and my advice... lol

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Just for laughs...My mom's friend comes over and starts talking about her son has a new GF, blah, blah, blah...Her son has two kids who I have to say are the most anti-social kids I have ever met! My son is super sweet to everyone and they treat him like crap. I don't think I have EVER seen them smile...they are around 10. Anyway, she immediately starts talking about her son's new GF and says "well, the REAL test of wether I like her or not will be in how SHE treats his kids"... lol Of course, I couldn't stop myself and I said "well, that's true...just MAKE SURE that HIS KIDS treat her nicely and with respect as well..." She was SHOCKED at my response. Said nothing. Left a few minutes later... lol Crazy MILs.

Mind you, she always complains about her loser ex-daughter in law...she's a hoarder, blah, blah, blah...but well, the new one is already not even liked for how she treated her, but will be CLOSELY judged by how she treats these two anti-social, never smiling, spoiled kids.


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Why is it that the status quo dictates that a reasonable person will treat an asshole as if they were NOT am asshole? Around here we just call em
like we see em and treat accordingly.