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o/t - Im SOOOOO HAPPY :)

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Man my life has never been better now that stbxH isnt around anymore.

I feel so young again (lol even though Im almost 22, still young) I just feel like I wasted so much time on him (almost 4 years UGH) He gave me some things that will never go away, but i'll be okay. Got our phone bill separated and our joint account separated. Filed the paperwork just have to wait 10 days before I can ask the judge to grant it. Im just PRAYING I did the paperwork right so I wont have to redo it all and have to mail it to him because this weekend he is moving back to his hometown where his family and sd are.

I just feel so happy and like a huge weight is lifted off. stbx H actually asked me AGAIN if I would give him half to pay off his car. I was like WOWWWW are you CRAZY?! You must be crazy right?? He was telling me (regrettably I had to see him so we could go in person to separate the phone bills, the 1800# kept getting it wrong!) that he still feels like he needs closure from me and to understand why all this happened. I told him I couldnt give him that right now, that everything I have said about my reasons for this divorce have already been spoken, AND WHAT ABOUT THOSE TEXT MESSAGES THAT MADE YOU LOOK LIKE YOU WERE CHEATING...?!
I never brought those up though. I pretty much kept quiet and kept telling him I was going to leave. I cant stand even looking at him really. Im like completely over this relationship and its obvious hes not, maybe because hes realizing everything he lost. I offered him more things than he offered me (like a free babysitter to sd, good cook, cleaning his clothes, letting him be dependent on me etc etc)

I love this feeling of being happy. I wish I could always feel this good lol.


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So glad to hear that you are happier Smile Life is too short to be miserable. Good luck to you!!

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OMG to be 22 again... you have your whole life ahead of you... it's just beginning now!