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how to deal with bratty kids?

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so i havent been on here in a long time, but just a little background, ive been a step mom before so im not new to the ballgame, but this time the dynamics are a little different. Bf gets his daughter every weekend instead of EOWE & shes 7. and bm in this case is really nice and bf and her and I and her bf all get along. Shes pregnant with her bf's kid also. But we have all hung out before and its totally different with ex-bm who was a psycho b*tch!

but anyway, bf's dd is a really sweet kid most of the time, i've been in her life for about 7 months now but here recently she's just been acting really bratty. Bm also says the same thing, that she's been driving her crazy. Shes just been really snotty and throws a little fit if she doesnt get her way. So Im hoping its just a phase, but bf and bm both put a stop right away to her behavior, so i dont know why she keeps doing the same thing over and over again, especially if she keeps getting in trouble for it. She hasnt been listening very well anymore, bf has to repeat the same thing over and over again.

Is there anything anyone of us can do or do you guys think its just a phase?


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I think it's a phase. It could be good to read a parenting book even if you aren't taking an active parenting role because it explains what makes kids act the way they do and you'd be able to offer ideas to the BF. If you have time check out "The Secret of Parenting" - the 'secret' is not to fuel their bad behavior by reacting and responding to everything they say/do. There is a certain level of brattiness that can actually just be ignored and they will realize they don't get a rise out of anyone and it decreases. Of course, there is a line that they should not cross, at which point it's time for consequences. Any threatened consequence needs to be carried out, too, or the kids realize the parent is the 'weaker species' and can be walked all over!

FWIW, your situation sounds really nice. Smile BM who's not psycho, the adults all get along, kid only on weekends, BF & BM putting a stop to kid's bratty behavior, kid is normally really sweet...I'd take that any day!