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ot- ex h set my house on fire

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divorce was final on monday, thank God he didnt have to be there. He's been sending me weird text messages and posting weird facebook statuses lately about some type of revenge, but he never specifically said for who or what he was going to do. I tried hard to pretend like he wouldnt do anything to me.

apparently I was wrong. This morning after my mother and I went to work(I think he did it that way on purpose too, not to hurt us physically but try and hurt us emotionally "since that's what I did to him" ), the neighbors across the street saw him climb through my mother's window and the fire dept said there was traces of gasoline through the living room to my room, especially in my room. and then after that he jumped out of the house and the neighbors yelled his name and he turned and WAVED AT THEM and kept on running. Then they heard a boom and called the fire dept. thank God the fire dept is just right around the corner from my house so they were there in just minutes. The structure is just fine besides some windows being busted and the ceiling has a huge hole in it. It will probably be about three months before we can live in it again though. ex H is facing 2 felony charges and 7 counts of animal cruelty because my moms poor animals were all in there, thank God they are all okay though besides being scared sh*tless and their hair being singed. They havent found him yet as far as I know. I hope they do soon. Everything was pretty much ruined. Thank God my family and friends have been so great and have dropped off clothes. The house insurance is going to cover everything.

I am just thankful that everything turned out pretty much okay.


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Glad you and your mom are ok! How absolutely crazy. He waved???????

Thank goodness for the pets being safe... and insurance! I hope its a less crazy and quick 3 months for you.

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Holy cow! I hope they find him and get him off the streets. Thank goodness no one got hurt. I hope it all works out for the best for you.

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I'm so glad to know you, your mom and the animals are doing ok. Good job pressing charges on this idiot.

I have to say this, too: maybe BM is not such an idiot after all. He sounds like a dangerous guy and I hope and pray for you, your mom, your pets and your former SD.

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Holy crap! So glad you, your mother and the animals are OK!

I hope when he goes to prison that he becomes somebody's b!tch.

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OMG - what is wrong with these people???!!!! I can't believe he would try to kill innocent animals either?!! He deserves to have the entire book thrown at him!!!!! SO GLAD you are ok, and divorced from such a person-!! HUGS honey