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how to deal with bratty kids?

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so i havent been on here in a long time, but just a little background, ive been a step mom before so im not new to the ballgame, but this time the dynamics are a little different. Bf gets his daughter every weekend instead of EOWE & shes 7. and bm in this case is really nice and bf and her and I and her bf all get along. Shes pregnant with her bf's kid also. But we have all hung out before and its totally different with ex-bm who was a psycho b*tch!

not such a good dad...

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im really starting to see that stbx H isnt really that good of a dad. Hes so selfish. and on many occasions he wouldnt go get sd if the weekend where he got her it wasnt a payday weekend. (lived about 120 miles away from her) He was always talking about wanting to get her fulltime, but then he would say that he didnt want to get her a weekend because he wouldnt be able to focus on her and show her attention because his mind would be elsewhere. You dont pick and choose when you are going to be a parent! and when I first met stbxH him and bm didnt have a custody agreement.

ot - low shot even coming from you!

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stbx H got all his stuff today. we hugged a few times and he said he would drop off the signed divorce papers at my moms house. I had asked him to bring them then, but of course he didnt. Its like you supposedly already signed them, why drag it out longer than necessary? I wasnt gonna push it, thought maybe he would do it. Then I found out my aunt who is a notary would be in town tomorrow, so I text him while I was at work to please drop them off later that day. well he basically gave me the run around AGAIN saying that if I wanted them so badly, I should come and get them.

question for people who have broken up/divorced a man/woman with kids? and a little update

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How do you forget about their children?

Crazzzzy weekend, but stbxH is finally out of my mom's house after a 3 hour stand with my 2 aunts basically forcing him to get out because he refused to (and legally he has to be 'evicted' since he lived there more than 30 days, but who in their right mind would want to stay where your not wanted?!?) but anyway, I got a do-it-yourself divorce kit from a paralegal and i'll be filling out the paperwork soon.

wow im shaking H is such a liar

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its weird cuz i dont care, i want him to find someone else, but hes such a go**@mn liar!

stupid me went through his phone to see if he still had that 'savior' contact saved that i posted about a few weeks ago. well i found some text messages from him to another girl saying "you still have that black thong" and "are we ready for some fun?" and "i hope there are no delays this time" (as in im thinking they tried to set up something before but it fell thru) and he got a dirty text message forward from her with some girl bent over and he said "I wanna do that to you"

o/t - some questions for people who are divorced..?

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sorry all my blogs lately have been about divorce and all that, but I dont really know anyone who is divorced in my family and friends, since i am so young, alot of my friends are either married or engaged so no one I really know has been through a divorce.

so I just have a few questions for you guys: