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Updates...get your Updates here....

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Update..i got em...

DH....we have now entered groveling mode....he has not realized his mouth overrode his brain..and commence @ss kissing.

So for the next month or so..he will become the model husband....but the recliner will call his name and he will return to it.  The dance will begin again.  If anyone call tell me where I can find some purple goo to neutralize the recliner...please let me know. I promise to share.  Halo is still PISSED and DH (not dear right now) knows it.  

Beaver...the great insurance card crisis of 4th of July 2020 ending have a twitst..from moi.  We ordered another card for her orange teethed was sent the other day by certified mail, return receipt requested.  Hahaha....the Beaver will have to go to the post office to retrieve the card she so desperately needed on the 4th of July.  Two birds one stone....we will know definatively that Beaver got the card and 2.  Beaver will be inconvenienced.  She lives in a condo with only a mailbox station and isn't home during the day.  Do not mess with Halo...her retribution is subtle but effective.

DD has come to terms with the guinea pigs inevitable ending...Sir Bunsen Honeydew will meet again with his brother Beaker on Wednesday.  


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Ha, I love how they pretend to be the model husband after being called out but they cannot actually keep up with the front.  At least mine can't.  My DH has decided a different approach to my letting him know that I was not happy with his behavior/etc.  He is now pissing me off more!  Let me tell isn't working for him!

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I'm with you ladies... I've had a hate on for SO for a couple of months now and I just feel so irritated by him all the time. 

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Man, must be a symptom of COVID or something?!?! They all gotta revert back to bad behaviors or what?!?! I don't get it. 

Soon this will be a divorce support group site instead of a step hell venting site Wink LOL!

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Ya, I'm so over him it's not even funny. When he rambles on and on and on about stupid boring shit, I instantly have a dialogue going in my head of my breakup speech I am preparing lol

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Yes, mine will tell a story and go into all these damn details that don't add any value to the story and aren't necessary and then get off track and forget what story he is trying to tell.  It is usually a story I've heard him tell already and I KNOW ALL THE DETAILS by this point so I get even more frustrated with it!

I've already imagined turning SD's shrine into my home office.  I need to work on my breakup speech though!

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I think that I might need that help because my DH doesn't seem to comprehend anything I say!  Or retain it.   I need it to be more memorable I guess cause he acts SHOCKED and butthurt EVERY SINGLE TIME I tell him my feelings even though they have not changed at all! 

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too...was there a discount on that model..I missed that part. 


My've told me this before..your just trying to fight.  WTF....if I have said it before and I'm saying it again..YOU, DH, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

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Ha, I think we both got dooped into the discount model! 

Mine is now trying reverse least that is what I think he is isn't working out for him though.  It is just making me mad.  Ex: I told him that I felt he was controlling and manipulative when his first response to my asking if he was going to SD's softball game was "why are you trying to make plans" and he tried to play that off as if he wasn't being controlling/interrogating me (which he does often - I feel like I can't even have a thought without him wanting to know what I am thinking and getting upset if I don't share).  BTW I wasn't trying to plan anything but why would it even matter if I did make other plans!?!? I was just curious if he was going.  So the next day he tells me he is going to get gas and then stays gone for 1 1/2 hours.  I know it was so I would text and see what was going on and where he was so he could say, "see you ask my plans too" and justify his controlling ways.  It didn't work though, lol, I didn't care that he was gone or question him (turns out he went to SD's softball again).  Anyways, he also doesn't think it is far that I want him to change when "you still leave hair in the bathtub" big difference between that and you centering your world around SD and trying to control my every move....

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hair in the bathtub = controling/maniuplative...sure I can see that correlation.  NOT...

oy..The Village Idiot used to do the interrogation sh*t...drove me nuts.  DH luckily tried that in the beginning and shut that down and told him if that is how it was going to be..then adios....cause I was not putting up that.


DH just likes to zone out completely...that and tell me every freaking thing he reads on the book of faces...

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Right!?!? Totally the same thing, apples to apples, lol!  I put up with 10 years of my ex being controlling/manipulative/mentally abusive.  I'm not going to do this again with DH.  I like how dh tries to act like that isn't what he is doing.  He is always asking who I am talking to/texting/etc.  If I walk out of the room on a phone call he will just ask me later who it was and what we were talking about.  I hate it.  I have NO PRIVACY and if it was important or anything that pertained to him I WOULD TELL HIM!  My DH was not like this at all in the beginning.  It just started over the past few years and I don't know why.  It is just a big turn off and pushes me further and further away. 

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"You still leave hair in the bathtub" is his best comeback???


My DH is annoying the crap out me too during lockdown, but it's mostly attention seeking behaviors.

My exH however tried that "leaving the house for an indeterminate amount of time" move on me too once. I was gone shopping when he finally got back. He was so pissed and blew up my phone. I told him that I was just following the new relationship parameters he set forth: go somewhere without saying a word and don't reveal when you'll be back. ...which pissed him off even more, but it shut him up, because ya know, hypocrisy and all...

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Yes, exactly, that is your biggest complaint?!?! Which I have actually worked on and gotten better about.  I know it is a gross habit of mine!  I admit that I have problems.  He can't do that! 

Oh yeah, mine does the attention seeking also, I really get why SD has so many issues.  She gets it honestly from DH, BM and DH's family!

That was a first of my DH on the leaving and not telling me where he went or anything.  I know it was so I would get on him about it and he could "justify" his constant interrogation of me "see you react the same" when it is nothing like how I act.  Plus I don't just leave and not tell him.  If I had actually been making plans for the night that he was going to SD's game I would have actually said that.  I don't play these dumb games and I'm sick of his!

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OMG!! "You're just trying to fight."

I've heard that before from the BF. I show up at your house on a weeknight and I'm BEAT. Had a rough day. I tell you I'm tired. But, no. YOU (BF) decided it was a good time to talk about politics after you've been sitting on your retired BUTT all day watching the news, getting all fired up about covid and the government. He argues with me aggressively and lumps me into a very unsavory group of extremists. I hand him his ass. Somehow, he decided that I came over there LOOKING for a fight. smdh.