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Updates...Employer forced torture, SD and DH and Beaver update

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I survived the "all hands" two day meeting..As I thought most of it was not worth being in person. The personality test proved out that I'm most definately not a people person and I do best working alone.  I'm  highly analytical and I'm good at creating structure and figuring out solutions.  All good for my for the "let get togerher people thing". co-worker was about the same..we joked he is the Vulcan and I'm the Romulan of our group.  yep...we are geeks...can you tell?

Sd..oy....that girl is hot mess walking

Right before school SD and DH had her hair done....galaxy hair.  Oy...I knew that would be disaster because SD's hair is really dark like DH's.  Took the hair stylist 2 times to lift it enough to dye the blue and purple.  ( stylist would have told her no because her hair was too dark and SD doesn 't take care of it).  SD works with kids teaching swimming...her hair is now a just a fried mess. The blue/purple dye has come out (those colors are hard to hold) and the bleached part is now sticking to together like it has glue in it.  SD doesn't wash her hair right after getting out of the pool and the cholorine has further killed it.  I hate to tell SD..but that bleached shiz needs to just be cut off.  

We still have the eyelashes..the extensions she had put in last all of a week since SD doesn't take care of those either. So she is back to gluing the catapillars to her eyelids. Then...she didn't like the shape of her she shaved off the ends of her eye brows.  She now looks like Spock...smh on this one.  She just draws in the ends of ther eyebrows.

Finally, SD went and got acrylic nails.  She is complaining they are not long enough. ( they are plenty long and how can you have them when you have to hold little kids in the water).  I'm waiting to see how long they last when submerged in chlorine water for hours on end.

I just got a new tattoo...and SD informed me she wants one. A mermaid on her rib cage. Ooofff....yea.  My standard answer for that is....when you are 18 you can get what you want.  SD piped in ...oh her mom might take her and sign off on her getting that tattoo. Oh's are so permanent.

DH...well things are pretty good on that front. He is stressed with work and a certification test he has to take. However, this time around he is NOT using me as his whipping post.  That is a change...however, I have also changed and will not allow it either.  We have our ups and downs...but lately its mostly up and he is doing the work and is being transparent on things.  So, things are looking up..but I will admit I will never trust him implicitly again.  I've been upfront about that..he certainly doesn't like he shattered that but accepts it.

Beaver has moved on to a new job....but apparently she doesn't like it and is already looking for new one.  She is working at an elderly rehabilitation center here in town for the time being. So, we will that plays out.  I thought she has been quiet lately....and now we know why.


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Ahhhh she will live and learn.. or not.. haha.

My OSD wanted a tattoo when she was in HS.. a Jr or Sr.. I think... and said she could get one "free from her friend's dad that did tattoos".. and of course my DH told her absolutely not... he would not give her permission.

Well.. the next summer.. we notice that she must have either gotten her mom to agree (anything against what dad says right?).. or she just got it done anyway on her own.. well.. the most hilarious part to me is that she got an anchor on her foot... and it's a BAD one.... sharpie/prison tat quality.

Oh.. and to top it off.. she actually has huge feet.. and the tattoo itself is huge and awkward on it.. so she ended up with something permanent calling attention to one of the less attractive parts of her body.. and she is incredibly self aware.. so I know it bothers her to this day.. lol.  

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An anchor tat on a huge foot! I'm dyin' here.

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I least she only wants a mermaid tattoo and doesn't want to BE a mermaid, like caninelover's sd. 

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She is so into it that it cost her her three kids.  Her MerMan photographs her in her mermaid outfits regularly. She belongs to a pod of mermaids.

While I get the alure of a hobby and an alternate reality fantasy life, when the lines between reality and fish scales and fins blur to the point you lose your kids, it is a problem.


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know this is an ever growing thing.... but I can't believe this is a thing. 


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She swears that she cannot visit a desert or it will kill her if she there too long, Odd when your kids live in the desert.  She then goes on rants about how her kids were taken from her and she is not allowed to see them.

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I know this isn't funny, but I'm dying laughing. *ROFL* What is happening in society? There are a handful of kids at DD's school who insist that they are dogs and cats. The principal actually had to send out a letter explaining that students who are capable of walking, have to walk upright at all times and that no one is allowed to wear non-uniform accessories anymore because the collars, leashes, ears, and tails were becoming a distraction. And then there are two sets of parents (that I'm aware of) who are trying to fight this because their kids should be allowed to express their identities any way they choose. It's absolutely out of control. 

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There's plenty of time for them to express their identities after school and at the weekend. This is when a school uniform comes in handy - with no exceptions permitted.

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Honestly, if I got a letter like that sent home, I'd check the date to see if it wasn't April 1st.

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I knew it was coming because I have friends whose kids are in the same grades with the animal-children. It started to come to a head at the end of last year and some parents switched schools because of it. Apparently the administration was hoping it was a phase and the kids would move on over the summer, but it didn't happen. The existing uniform policy was pretty strict, but it used to allow for kids to accessorize with jewelry or hair stuff. Not anymore. Insane. 

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There is a school system near me that is being sued because the parent(s?) want a LITTER BOX added to the bathroom for their child that identifies as a cat. 

Imagine the money that will be spent on this complete lunacy. It shouldn't  be allowed, but if you allow and condone one mental illness - ALL must be allowed....I guess. Idk. I mostly feel like I am in the Twilight Zone most days.

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Are you sure there is an actual lawsuit about this? There was a rumor circulating in a school district in Michigan that a school had actually installed a litterbox in a restroom and the School Board had a difficult time convincing people that it never happened. No parent ever requested it and it was never even considered. The same rumor was circulating in a couple of other states too, but there was no truth to any of them.