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Update on our anniversary weekend and FIL again...

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Hey everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I know we did!

Friday night after work, I got home and changed and did hair and makeup. DH and I exchanged anniversary cards (they damn near matched, that's how in sync we are with each other!) and gifts (he got me the beautiful diamond and sapphire necklace I wanted!! It's white gold with diamonds in the heart and a small sapphire butterfly). We then headed out for dinner. He drove the LONG way so as to throw me off of the location but we ended up at The Melting Pot in downtown Littleton. I have ALWAYS wanted to go there and it's billed as the most romantic (and also haunted) place in Littleton. It was phenomenal!

We got to our table and a dozen red roses were awaiting me. THAT is why he didn't send flowers to me at work like he usually does for special occasions! Dinner was superb, dessert was amazing and the Moscato was excellent.

We left the restaurant after about 2 hours of enjoying 4 exquisite courses and headed toward Downtown Denver. We walked around downtown for an hour or so, stopping in to our favorite bars for a drink and some music. Had a great time.

Slept in Saturday morning till 11, got my new tattoo at 1. I LOVE IT! My icon/avatar here is the design of my tattoo along with a tiny purple butterfly and it's on the back of my neck so I can hide it with my long hair if I need to.

Slept in again Sunday, did our grocery shopping and cleaned the apartment and then went for our couples' massage (my very first!!). Was SOOOOO nice. Came home and had a nice glass of wine (DH bought me the same Moscato we had at The Melting Pot) and dinner.

Ok, so also on Sunday, DH's dad called and asked if we could swing by and help him with a computer issue. He always has troubles with his computer and it's usually something I can fix within minutes because he screws with his settings on accident. Anyhow, he said he broke off his engagement with "L" and she moved what stuff she did have at his place out that day. He said he's sad, he knows he should've done it MUCH sooner and he just hated hurting her that way. He said we were right all along and now he's lonely again (Of course, it's been a DAY) and now he's "IN LOVE" with "K"...a woman he met in his water exercise class a year ago!! He's IN LOVE with her! So, this woman is very classy, highly educated and travels A LOT. He said the reason they never dated before was because he couldn't keep up with her. She's extremely independent and just goes on a whim wherever she wants. Ok, so this already spells disaster because he wants someone who is literally by his side 24/7. He wants someone to depend on him and she's the exact opposite.

So, DH and I just said "Well, good luck with that" and left after I fixed his computer. When we got in the truck to leave, DH said "She'll have a key to his house within weeks and he'll be proposing to her in a month". Yeah, we both wonder what his definition of LOVE is...

Anyhow, I'm in a fantastic mood even though it's Monday. Still on my high from this weekend! It truly was magical!


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Yeah I was told 2 weeks. The next tat I get will be at Christmas. I already have the design and location chosen. DH wants one after he's dropped some weight so I told him if we're both at goal weight by xmas, we should just get them done!

FIL is clueless. He just can't be alone.

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Did you see pics on FB? It truly was SOOOOO fun!

Poor FIL just is so damn clueless, I'm telling you. I'm so over his shit. It's funny though, when I was fixing his computer, I overheard DH say to him after he said he was lonely again "Well, dad, you'll be in love again in a week"...and then FIL said "I'm already in love with K". I bit my tongue cuz I'm disengaged but yeah, I sooooooooo wanted to just scream "DO YOU FUCKING KNOW WHAT LOVE IS?"

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I know right? I told DH that he should tell his dad to get a sex toy and some porn. It's a Hell of a lot cheaper than moving another woman in!!! LOL

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I guess he's never learned that lust does NOT equal love!

Glad you had such an awesome time!!

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No kidding! We (DH and I) think he's trying so hard to find a woman like DH's mom, because they truly were soulmates. He'll never be happy with anyone because they're not her, you know? It doesn't stop him from dipping his dick into as many as he can, then falling "in love" with them and either moving them in or proposing to them though!

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I LOVE The Melting Pot but getting a reservation is always a pain. I'm glad you had so much fun!

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Thanks! I wouldn't know the difficulty in obtaining a reservation there, since DH did all of that. LOL

I do know that it's ALWAYS packed. It was amazing and such a great experience.

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Thanks, it most certainly was a wonderful anniversary weekend!

We won't have much more "alone" weekends from here on out. This weekend, DH is staining his grandfather's back deck on Saturday and since Sunday is Father's Day and stepdevil14 is being a bitch and likely won't call or text him, I'm going to try and keep him busy/distracted so he isn't sad. It'll be his first Father's Day without her so it'll be hard on him.

Next weekend is our last weekend until DD15 comes to Colorado for the summer so I'm hoping DH and I can find a way to maybe take off for a couple of days and just have some good, romantic, one-on-one time before she gets here. We both adore my daughter, but 3 of us in our tiny apartment for 8 weeks is going to put a serious limitation on our romance, you know?

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Thanks!!! We had a great first anniversary and I just see many more coming down the road!

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Glad you had an awesome weekend, ain't it great to be loved!! And I think by the looks on ya'll's faces, you're what love is and should be all about.

I don't know what to think about FIL except I hope he's wrapping that thing up before he catchs something turpentine won't even get rid of. I understand lonely, but he's chasing love, and it's tough to catch, but the other stuff not so hard Smile

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We sure did and we sure are!!! LOL A lot of our friends are super jealous of our relationship and say that this is what marriage should be.

FIL is just clueless and I'm so glad I've disengaged. If he asks me anything about his personal life from here on out my answer is going to be the same every time: "I've told you my feelings. You are a grown man and can do as you please. Leave me out of it."

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Aww.. so happy you had a nice, romantic weekend/dinner/anniversary! I sure could use one of those myself! Smile

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It was sooooo nice! My DH is one of the most romantic guys I've ever met. He's very sensitive, thoughtful and sweet. I just couldn't have asked for a better man to spend my life with!

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Congrats on your amazing weekend! Smile DH and I celebrate ours ths weekend coming up and are looking forward to it!!