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Hello, I'm a new member, however I have read here before. I am a little over a year into a marriage in which I am very happy. I have no children of my own and am 37. I love my son. He has changed my life for the better and makes me want one of my own. He is 3 1/2 and way to smart, reminds me of myself in that factor. I am all about girl power so it bothers me deeply how his mother behaves. She is 7 years younger than I, she has 3 boys with 3 different men and likes for our tax dollars to take care of her. That's not even the issue. My husband has shared custody of his son. We both grew up in homes where manners, polite behaviour and respect are the norm. Oh where to start...she just had her third baby in May and married in March to a guy she previously dated (pre my husband). They did have a history of meth and violence. This child has been the victim of neglect. He comes home with bruises, scratches, bites (has been a while), random burns, splinters in his feet, flea bites, long finger nails, and so dirty the crease in his neck was actually a sore. I know that you can file an emergency injuction, however it's not my call and it takes lots of money. We are working on refinancing the house to hit her hard. She is in sooo many contempts of court. And I haven't even begun to hit on the personal attacts. Which honestly...Bring it. I'm an adult, I can handle it, I just wish she would keep her kid out of it. I know she is jealous, how is it legal that these kind of people can breed without having to have a class or something when there is government assistance invovled? Thanks had to vent!!


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It doesn't cost anything to call child protection services. If the child is truly being neglected it really is your DUTY to call.

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Absolutely, TB! Please, for the sake of that child, contact CPS ASAP!!! They will look into the home to see what's going on. If there's neglect or abuse, the child will be removed. NO child deserves this.

Also, it would be a good idea to take some photos of the bruises, sores, etc when he comes to visit. Document all that you can.

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We have alots of pictures, we were scared that they would take the shared custody away, if sided with BM, since it is hard for a dad to get full custody in the state where we live. The BM hasn't disclosed her real address to us to tell child services where she lives. I am pretty bright and figured out the apartment building where she lives, but I don't have the address. The older he's gotten the less it's seems to be happening, I think that's only because he can get around better on his own.

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Welcome and so sorry to hear of such a horrible experience with a neglectful BM. We have had our share of issues, but that level of neglect is so obvious that hopefully the court will take heed.

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