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Even my DOG has to answer to BM...

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Apparently not only does H allow himself to be controlled by what BM #2 does and says. My dog is supposed to bow down to this bitch, too.

A couple hours ago, SS12 and SS7 were horsing around. My dog (about 55 lbs, half rottweiler and half boxer) got excited and started jumping around too. She has very sharp nails. SS7 says, "The dog scratched me." Not overly excited, not crying or anything. I took a look, not expecting to see much, but saw that she'd actually broken the skin. It wasn't bleeding, but very red and the skin was broken. I went and got the Bactine, cleaned it and put a few bandages over it. H looked EXTREMELY upset. I said, "She's never attacked anyone, especially a child. I'm sure she was just playing..." He says, in FRONT of the kids and as concerned as HELL, "Yeah, but NOW I have to figure out how I'm going to explain this!"


So, my dog who is an absolute sweetheart, lovable and playful, accidentally scratches your brat because he was jumping around and she started jumping too, and now it's a damn FEDERAL CASE against my baby?! Meanwhile, your ex has random men around your child, men who you can never get her to introduce you to? And yet YOU have to explain a SCRATCH to HER? He comes here with scratches, bumps and bruises, saying ridiculous shit (making it clear that she talks about VERY adult things around him) and yet, you have to explain a SCRATCH to HER?!?!?!?


He then proceeded to cuddle with SS7 (who acts closer to 3) for the rest of the evening, murmuring shit about my dog. I was in the other room working on school stuff, biting my tongue so I didn't curse them all out!

You guys... I just can't. I really want to tell him we need to divorce and HE needs to go back to her because it's obvious that when it comes down to it, she still has his BALLS in an old jelly jar under her bed. I'm sick of her, him, the brats and this whole situation.

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If you have no kids, move. NOW! I know everyone thinks I just love to use this line with everyone...but I tell you, ANYONE who does NOT have kids with their DH who is putting up with this crap needs to move on and get away from this nightmare. I would follow my own advice if I didn't have a child with DH. I had already told DH to get OUT when I found out I was pregnant (PS - I was told over 10yrs I could NOT have children...thus it was not expected at all)...I love my son, if it weren't for him, I would be gone by now. Anyone without kids needs to move on. It does NOT get least not much better...not as good as it would be with ANYONE without kids.

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If I were working, I truly believe I would have moved out by now and we've not even been married a year. I don't care what ANYBODY says: Things can be different after you say "I do." In my case, I didn't experience things to this level until we were married and living to together AND SS12 came to live here full-time AND we moved so SS7 isn't here every other week.


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I wouldn't let children that have such serious health concerns into my dangerous home. if their lives are threatened by scratches they might do better under glass, or in a small plastic climate controlled bubble at bm's house, under medical supervision...

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I would make the rule then that the kid can't go near the dog. Tell your DH that if the dog is so bad and scary she can't pet your dog or play with your dog and if you see her go near the dog tell her no honey daddy is afraid you will get scratched again and we know that upset you so it was decided you couldn't play with the dog. Eventually the kid will want to pet the dog and play with the dog and DH will get an earful from the kid, give in, and that will be the end of the big bad dog story.

This is just silly though, kids get scratchs, bumps, and bruised its not the end of the world. I wasn't a kid all that long ago and my friends and I were constantly bruised and scratched from playing, from wrestling with dog, from skating, etc... When did the world start putting kids in a protective bubble? Its a scratch that didn't even bleed tell him to move on and man up.

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My opinion? This is why there are SOOOOO many SAM's in the world. A SAM (or "sensitive ass man") is the most entitled, self-centered, inconsiderate, melodramatic jackass of all time. Last I checked, it wasn't unusual for a kid (especially a boy) to end up with scratches. Whatever! I'm keeping my baby next to me all the time from now on. If I have to leave, I'm putting her in her room (the laundry room) so my little Princess Cujo won't prey on his brats...

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"I protect my dogs first..."

I don't blame you. The think that irks the hell out of me is he doesn't see how his reaction (what he said and the fact that he said it in front of the kids) was wrong. When I asked him why he has to answer to BM when she DAYUM sure doesn't answer to his ass, he said, "I'm different. I can't help that they (BM's) don't act as they should, but should that change me?"

No, but it sure as hell should affect how you interract with those bitches.

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To add to the story: When I talked with H last night after the kids went to bed, he told me, "You didn't see how SS7 was CRYING... because his leg hurt! He even said (insert pouty, dramatic crocodile tears here), "Maybe it's just best if I go home (back with BM)..."

First things first, he cries about EVERYTHING! If he loses a video game, if he drops food and his dad yells at him, if the Northwest winds blow just so... He's a friggin' CRYBABY. Has been since I met him. He's a damn brat. Second, he always hits below the belt to get attention. He used to tell H, "You don't LOVE me!!! You love SS12 MORE than ME!!!" He's acts like a little jackass. Why? Because it works! He gets a rise out of H, they end up in a pissing match (I can hardly tell who is the oldest, let alone who is the parent) and SS gets exactly what he wanted to begin with: Attention.

H is too stupid to see he's getting played like a fiddle by the kids and his exes. Oh well. Not really my problem to solve, is it? I told him I'm TIRED of being the damn Lone Ranger in this household. As soon as shit hits the fan, he retreats and it's all about him and his kids. Meanwhile, I'm left to fend for myself, per usual. Hell, I could be fending for myself BY myself, and not have to deal with shit from him, his brats, his exes, his family, etc...

*silent prayer* Please let this job I so desperately want come through for me in the next two weeks...

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"Maybe it's just best if I go home (back with BM)..."

conversation would have ended right there with me. end of story....buh-bye!!!!

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I wish! The thing is this little bugger KNOWS what kind of reaction that will illicit from his father. Works like a charm and SS7 gets his way! Unreal...

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I wouldn't have kept my mouth shut, I would have told them both what I think and he can kiss my ass if he didn't like! Sorry but that shit pisses me the hell off and my dh has heard me going off way more than once and after so many times he finally got it! I am not the kind of person that sits and stews I get it out and I am very blunt, I will not be ran over and if I think they are 'abusing' my child or dog or what ever I speak my mind til it is resolved!

The main problem I see on these boards day after day is you ladies not standing up for yourselves or for your kids or anything else you need to stand up for. They have no problem standing up for their 'kids' or whatever but expect you to sit and do nothing and take it. HOSE SHIT! I would have also told him that it was a freaking scratch and to get over it and cuddling him all damn day is making it worse.

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I didn't say anything to him in front of his kids because I thought that was wrong, but then again WTF do I know? He and BM's all talk about adult shit in front of the kids. Why shouldn't I join the party?!

I told him exactly that about how him making a big ass deal about it just took it to the next level. It was ridiculous! He then said that he wanted to talk to him mother about it (this is the shit I deal with) to get her perspective on it. WHATEVER! Oh, and it so happens that his mother agrees with me. Well, DUH! Idiot.

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Well if he is going to be that big of an idiot then lash at him in front of the kid! It might the only thing he understands. I would have told them both that it was a scratch and they were acting like little babies and do thy need a bottle b/c you will fix them one! LOL Yep I'm mean like that have done and will do it again. }:)

What ever it took to get the point across that they are acting like little babies and your dh is making things 10 times worse by treating him like a baby!

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I would have told them both that it was a scratch and they were acting like little babies and do thy need a bottle b/c you will fix them one!

Ask them if they need diapers, too!