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Is Anybody Else Dreading Having SKids over for Christmas?

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I hate having my SDs over now. We just moved to our new home in october. I've waited ten years to have my own home and I just want peace and quiet. Now YSD is coming tomorrow for at least a week and I'm dreading it. I hate having her around because I feel like I'm invisible and don't exist. She always says things to my husband behind my back when I'm not in the room and she knows how she treats me but my husband doesn't give a crap about it and doesn't do anything about it. I am nice to her and behave myself but I just want to tell her to get the heck out and show respect to me and quit acting like I don't exist. Would that be so bad to say? We tolerate each other, let's put it that way. So, I always feel yucky and get anxiety when she comes around. What do you guys do when your SKids come and what helps you calm down and deal with them? Advice please. 


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Your DH lets her talk bad about you to him, and he does nothing? Lovely. That's your real problem.  Why is she allowed to disrespect you in your own home?

I don't think I'd agree to any weeklong visits from a skid who behaved that way. That would be how I coped. And if DH insisted, I'd go visit family or friends for a week.  And consult a divorce lawyer on the way.

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She has given you the perfect response

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Because I don't see them for Christmas. They aren't welcome in our home due to years of disrespect and outright hateful behaviors directed at me. After 12 years of tolerating DH's adult kids, I had enough. We had a discussion; he told his kids if they can't behave like decent adults, we'd be separate. They chose to stay assholes. And now our holidays are drama free.

Your DH is the issue. No way would I tolerate mistreatment in my own home by DHs kids. He needs to start parenting his child.