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No good deed left undone

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... my family is a step, so is husbands. So is our own blend. I was much older when my parents split, less affected I feel. It breaks my heart that ALL 4 of my parents are more of parents to my husband than his mother and stepfather. As I type this with my husbands head in my lap while he sleeps. I could pay $200/hr for a therapy session but I'll put it out here instead. I cant understand what my DH did to deserve getting cheated on by his ex with his stepbrother and the two f0cks having a kid together and LYING to DH and everyone else about it for over a decade, including SS. I mean, on my worst enemy, I would never do something so God damn sinister. How did such a beautiful, loving man come from these sadistic selfish sacks of shit? DH's real dad died when he was 13 and I think he was the only logical man in his life (aside from out of town family on his dad's side). It's sad. All so sad. My family is no prize but at least there is a very bottom line of love and respect and morality. If I weren't under the weather right now, I'd surely be sick to my stomach. I thought there was only supposed to be one f0ck up in a family, not everyone BUT one. It's just so sad.  


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Unfortunately, BM's like this prey on good men like this a lot of the time. I was wondering the other day how you all are doing. Does SS know? Is DH doing anything legally since he knows who the father is? My heart breaks for you all, it is a huge mess created by BM and unfortunately, like many BM's she probably will never have to pay (emotionally or literally) or the sadisitic mess she created. Also, did DH's step brother know this whole time?

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I wish I had those answers for you. I wish I knew what was going on in so many of these women's heads when they are doing what they do to drive us to this site. 

Just be there for him, that is all any of us can do.

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DH did tell SS, it was absolutely heart breaking. We all cried. It was handled with AS MUCH love as possible. DH's therapist asked if he told SS as well and said there really is no good time for these things. DH is moving forward. He quit the family business for his own sanity, is doing his own thing now and it has helped him focus on what's best for our family. He does feel he can move forward with it but there is a lot of what I would call mental and emotional abuse from DH's family.

 BM is dead to him now. They havent spoken since he addressed the issue. He is getting ready for one hell of a battle. She did claim she's "changed", but we all know she has to bleed DH dry to continuing gluing fake eyelashes and fake nails and fake hair on her body to cover up her rotten soul. Probably saving all the CS to get some boobies bolted on. Plastic piece of shit broad.

Stepbrother is dead to him now. Possibly stepfather too. I heard somewhere that conflict shows people's true character and it's abhorrent the things I've heard DH's family say to him in all this. 

Both SS's are doing good. And that's really what matters. It's amazing how resilient kids are. They just wanna tiktok their gf's, play fortnite and carry on. I can't imagine this being much of a "thing" for SS until he is older and can fully grasp the severity of the situation. 

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DH's stepbrother said when BM found out she was pregnant he thought there was a chance it was his, but didnt say anything.