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Aching heart day

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Just checked in to the MD Anderson Undiagnosed Breast Clinic.

As a quick back story... in 2014 my wife’s mammogram found two suspicious spots in her left breast.  We got her on a plane to Houston and through the MD Anderson diagnostic process.  She had two biopsies and thankfully they were nothing sinister.

At that time she was put on an annual mammogram schedule for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile 4 years later my SIL (my brothers wife) was DX’d with breast cancer and went through a radical double mastectomy two weeks ago.  This overlapped with my brides annual mammogram.  The call with the results came in this Monday.  There is a suspicious spot on her on her right breast.  It is in proximity to a fibrous tissue mass that was investigated a number of years ago and determined to me nothing sinister so we are hopeful and fairly confident that this is nothing new.  But now we start an all day Dx process with a ton of tests and meetings with various Oncologists.  She just met her patient advocate and they took her back to get started.

Though this is likely nothing sinister. None the less, this not my deal with the heavens.  I have always been the one with the family medical issues, the autoimmune disease and the chronic health stuff so that the rest of the family can be healthy.

That my wife has to go through this again hurts my heart.  

This is gonna be a long day.


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Hugs to you, Rags. This is a terrifying process. I've had 2 mammograms this year because I kept getting large cysts that wouldn't go away. Nothing sends you into a panic more than your PCP immediately sending you to the breast center for a mammogram and ultrasound.

Best of luck to your bride. I'm sure she'll be okay.

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My thoughts ( and prayers if you don't mind ) are with you and your DW today my friend.

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And I/we don’t mind your prayers one bit.  We welcome them and appreciate it very much.

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It’s just another day,  hopefully it will all be over by tomorrow.  Best of luck 

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Oh, no!  I will keep you and your DW in my thoughts and prayers.  I am sure it's nothing sinister and all will be right with the world by the end of the day!

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Sending you healthy vibes, prayer, love and light Rags. You are wonderful to be by her side during this stressful time. Remain strong and know that your love and support will see her through.

Wishing you strength!

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The best facility the country has to offer. MD Anderson is the best. I am in healthcare in the Houston area for 37 years as a nurse. We all respect the work they do there. Keeping you and DW in my prayers.

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To your DW Mrs Rags, and you as well - you have been a stalwart partner to her and a helping friend here.

Let us know how things go.

Praying for it to be nothing.