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I just need to vent about BM's!!

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I have to say that sometimes it wears on me not only how much BM can get away with but how many resources they have available to them.

Just because a woman can give birth, does not make her a good mom!

I am so tired of people beating up fathers and always looking at them with such judgment. My BF let SD7 move to Georgia with BM because we knew we did not have a fighting chance of winning in court, not to mention that we are both in college full time. Do you think anyone supports him? Do you think anyone believes he is a good dad? No.

Guess what? Dads are AWESOME and every kid needs one in their life. He talks to his daughter 3x a week, sends her packages every week and spends every christmas, summer and spring break with her.

I am so tired of hearing about how much BM's hate it when their kids choose to go live with their dad! Are you kidding me!?! How about you realize that this child needs to know both of their parents, especially if both are actively involved.

Dads deserve what you do to! So stop whining about how much you miss them, when you just expect dads to deal! Stop accusing long distance dads of being bad parents, especially when it was not their choice. I would dare to say that more than not, just because a parent is in the same home, it does not make them close to their kids.

UGH. I am so frustrated with the system and with BM who think they deserve the world.
I hope that one day we recognize the importance of fathers.


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I totally agree with you!
Ironically, my Dad is a turd but not through lack of trying. When my parents divorced, my Dad wanted my stepsister and stepmom to be his "new family" which for some reason, removed all three of us from his life.

I am okay only because I know I made the effort.
I wish he had made the effort that some of these Dads make ... who cares if they are Disneyland Dads??? At least they are making a damn effort!

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Ahmen!!! Spread your legs and pop out a child and then prestooo you have the right to do pretty much whatever you want. Unless you're a drug dealin' crack head the father always gets screwed. I hate how unfair life is sometimes.

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Totally... its not fair. The system is so broken... just because you were able to give birth... the world is handed to you. I hate it I hate it I hate it.

I actually have a lot of resentment with this issue concerning the BM in my life. She is soooo irresponsible... hence the reason she got pregnant in the FIRST PLACE!!! THIS DOES NOT MAKE HER FIT TO BE A MOTHER.

My DH is an amazing man, that could give these children the proper upbringing, and morals, and lead them on the path of success... BUT... let them stay with dear mommy... who drives drunk with them... has a different man in her house, around the children every night... has them stay with strangers so she can go get drunk... she doesnt even have insurance for her vehicle... how mentally abuses them... but since she popped them out... she is better. she is she is just a whore.

The system is SO BROKEN...

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Statistics eh?

Why don't you take statistics on the amount of moms "around" that don't care for their children worth crap? Once again, just because you have a mom does not make her a good mom.

And most fathers have NO hope of fighting, NO hope of winning and NO hope of their children ever getting equal time. Perhaps that is why they come off as "deadbeats"

Take statistics on the amount of times mom remarries, the amount of times she moves, the amount of financial help from the gov't and her BD she receives.

Show me how many moms really are in it for their children vs. how many are in it for the $$$$$$$$

that's what I want to see.