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Birthday Question

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So BM has SD7 on her birthday in January. We live over 3000 miles away, so it is not always possible to see her.
She does however come to us for the whole summer and spring/christmas breaks.

I was thinking about making a 1/2 birthday celebration for her in July because she has a lot of family and friends out here, plus I think it would be fun. It doesn't necessarily have to be advertised as her birthday, but just a fun party we do for her.

What do you guys think?


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I did that for SD16 last year, because she is with BM for one month over summer break & it was over SD16's birthday. So, SD16 & I planned a sweet 16 luau party and it didn't happen until almost a month after her birthday. I also do the same thing for BS13, because his birthday is in March and the weather isn't always nice enough to have a party that he wants. So this year, I'm doing that for him to. His is going to be sometime before school is out, but before summer when everyone takes their vacations. BS13 wanted to go camping with a few of his friends. So we're gonna pick a weekend when we know the weather is gonna be nice & invite a bunch of his friends for a party & then let him & his friends camp out. I personally don't think there is anything wrong with having a birthday party at a later date. Especially if it is visitation reasons or weather. JMO

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That's a cute idea, but be careful. My SM tried to do this for me when I was 7, and it was poorly communicated to my summer friends. They didn't know why I would have a 1/2 birthday party (we called in an un-birthday like Alice in Wonderland) and nobody showed up because they couldn't figure it out. The memory still feels socially awkward to me as I distinctly remember my SM trying to comfort me, and me trying to assure her that I wasn't sad. Maybe it would have gone over better if more family were involved than friends.

If you want to do it I'd do it as just a fun party and maybe do a theme (Fun in the Sun? Ice cream?)

Good luck! Sounds fun!