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SO's court mediation went as expected

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After viewing the SW's recommendations on custody/visitation, my SO and I pretty much knew what was going to happen when they went to court.. BM would not agree and would want to take it to court. And that is exactly what happened.

The SW went over her report, explained some things, and then the lawyers got to ask questions. My SO's lawyer asked her "if BM moves back to the state, would that change anything?" and the answer was "no."

BM's lawyer told her she should just accept the recommendations, but she wouldn't. SW is giving her time to process and hope she changes her mind in the next couple days (unlikely). BM will keep fighting and dragging this on as long as possible. Hoping she will find that 1 person that will side with her and her end up with custody, or just to make my SO pay even more lawyer's fees.

Social worker's recommendation was that SO gets full custody. BM can visit the kids, but must remain in the state. SO gets final say when it comes to medical decisions.

SW's report will be used in court if it goes to court (which is a 99% probability), and she will testify as well... So this is a state where SW's reports and opinions are heard in court. Hopefully this is a state where the judge will go with SW's recommendations as well.


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Oh boy - well, some people are just hell bent on being right, even when they can't be right.

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At least she showed up. BM was served when DH filed for custody. Instead of coming to the hearing BM mailed a letter to is attorney begging her to not take the kids from her because they were all that she had. She now has zero custody and no court ordered visits.

I figured thing would go that way with your DH's case. I bet they follow the recommendations.

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Yup - Medusa was famous for not showing up to hearings and then crying that she couldn't because she was "a hard working single mom (TM)"....

Before the hearing where she lost her kids (which she did show up to), she sent the Judge a 100 page letter and texts (real and fabricated) asking him to find all the fault with DH and "make him pay" for what he did.

She lost custody that day...hasn't seen her kids since. 5 and half years...

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Ugh I remember court days. BM refused to be agreeable even after he ruled DH as domicile parent. The judge ordered it then told them to go into a conference room to work out a schedule but BM went in there telling DH what he was going to do and what all she was going to get. DH just said, "uhm lost; how about you have every other weekend like you want me to have". She refused; they went back in front of the judge and he told her what she wanted was no longer on the table. She walked out raging she was going to appeal and would send DH texts saying he might as well give her what she wants now and save his money because she was appealing it.

She never did. Her lawyer sent DHs lawyer an email stating, "my client has ran out of money, you will need to file the papers to the judge"
And that was the end of that. Hopefully your BM loses big enough to remind her it's better to compromise than run back to court.