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About MIL's funeral: One last post and then I will move on

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MIL's funeral was this last weekend. I posted previously that SD21 did not plan to attend. She did not come.

MIL and FIL had three kids, eight grandkids and 4 great-grandkids. Every ... single ... one of them showed up but SD21. Yep.

On our way back out of town I made a comment to DH about how nice it was to have his entire family together. Didn't mean it to be a jab at him, I was sincere. Then I realized, oops, they're not ALL there. Hope that gave him something to think about though.

On the day of her grandmother's funeral, SD21 was posting photos of her new kitten on Facebook. Sigh.


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Your SD21 is completely wrong, she should have been there. Sounds like she is a selfish brat.

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It's about a 5-hour drive for her, and DH just paid to have her car repaired. I doubt money is an object, as DH give her hundreds of dollars all the time and last time she came down (a year ago) he paid for her trip. Plus she just got a new kitten (money on vet bills, supplies, etc.) AND just moved into an apartment after three-plus years in a dorm room at $600-plus a month. Just selfishness in my opinion.

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Plus MIL died on Sunday and the memorial wasn't until the following Saturday and it was scheduled for 2 pm in the afternoon so people would have plenty of time to travel and still get there.

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Wow. Talk about self-centered. It's probably a good thing she didn't attend. She's probably find some way to make it all about her.

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That was the silver lining. I didn't have to deal with her crap and her attention-seeking behavior from daddy.

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These SKIDs are pathetic.

You know, I never liked my father's mother. She was an incredibly evil woman and treated my mother, my brother and myself very badly ever since I can remember. When she died, I honestly didn't give a rat's ass. Quite the contrary, I was happy my mother would no longer have to put up with her abuse. No, not abuse that my mother told of us, but abuse I WITNESSED…ie. once she was staying with us and while our house was FULL of people in a party, my sister was doing some dishes…in the kitchen, while there were people everywhere, she started bad mouthing my mother…even dared call her a whore…I literally JUMPED OVER THE COUNTER and grabbed her dress because I couldn't grab her by the throat! She was a horrible woman.

BUT when she died, I went out of respect for MY FATHER. Simple as that. No, I didn't really cry. Yes, deep down inside I was happy she was gone, but I went out of respect for my father and my other family members. Simple.

These skids have no clue about respect or anything else…it is all about them.

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Did she have a good relationship with her grandmother? I didn't attend my grandmother's funeral either. I went to Myrtle Beach on vacation instead. I didn't get along with my grandmother and we hadn't talked in over 13 years by the time she died.

I did ask my father if he needed me there. If he did, I would have went. However, I think my presence would have caused more problems since it was no secret how I felt about her.