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Update to pregnant dd

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I thought I would stop in and say Hi. My dd is now 23 weeks pregnant. She is the one that got pregnant by my ss and bm threatened to have her arrested if she aborted. She is doing great! No issues so far and she has a round little belly. I know we aren't keeping the babies but it is exciting. The ultrasound showed 2 healthy baby boys. SS now comes back to the house as dh refused to continue visitation outside our home. He tells dd when ss will be coming over and he expects her to find something outside the house to do. She does so that there aren't any problems. Bm has been extremely weird. She is all about my dd. Taking her shopping for maternity clothes and bringing her food she says she craves. She also thanks her for not aborting the babies all the time. DD and Bm seemed to have formed a weird kind of relationship. We haven't found a family to adopt that everyone can agree on yet. We are still looking. Dh and I seem to have moved past this. So things are really looking up for us.


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Thank you for updating us. I do think about your DD and have been wondering how things are going.

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I have been hesitant to post because of all the backlash I got. But now that I know people care I will post updates more often. Smile

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Your story is not run of the mill. I got a lot of what you got when I first came here and gave my story which does sound admittedly outrageous sometimes. My step life wasn't outrageous but I did catch my husband cheating when I was pregnant and found out he had this whole other life. I remember being called a troll and I did leave for awhile because of some negative comments. But stephell continued for me and I came back and really, just did my time. I just like the community and people here. And my skin is thicker.

I believe you. So I posted. Lately there have been some really weird women just signing up and coming on here with crazy stories of putting Nair in the stepdaughter's shampoo but the daughter actually used it and her hair fell out in clumps and another one who said she and her husband had their stepdaughter get a haircut for bad behavior and in turn her 14 year old daughter who was underage drinking had her hair shaved off in the night. Really outrageous, crazy stuff from some maybe mentally ill attention seeking weirdos so that's why we are hesitant.

We all really think out our advice before we take the time to type it. We care about each other's lives and we get insulted when trolls come on over for who knows whatever reasons. but I do very much believe you and you coming back to post and update cements that.

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I wouldn't worry about finding adoptive parents - stepson's Mother is never going to let those babies go.

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I was thinking the same thing. The reason that BM is being so nice is because she probably wants to seek custody. If she does daughter may end up paying child support.

How is your daughter Payng for prenatal care?